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Proposal: Being able to stand on moving objects (bandwidth-miserly algorithm)

Aug 27, 2001, 11:11pm
Only for horizontal moving objects.

[View Quote] > this has been asked for but if you move a little
> bit on a moving object youll move with it :o)
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Proposal: Being able to stand on moving objects (bandwidth-miserly algorithm)

Aug 28, 2001, 4:37am
Er, it must be moving fairly slow then because avs can only move up .5m max vertical.

[View Quote] > works for vertical too theres an elevator in the
> worlf flagg003 that works if you move while its
> moving :o)
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Proposal: Being able to stand on moving objects (bandwidth-miserly algorithm)

Aug 31, 2001, 5:53pm
Avs (real people controlling them, not just the objects) won't move unless they're moved by the person controlling them or by warp commands.

[View Quote] > how interesting mark! I have avs that move on my boats in edonna, I just
> gave them the same command that i gave the object ie moving jet ski with a
> person on it. the problem though is that on the return trip they are going
> backwards lol. Do you know of a way to make them go in the reverse
> direction without going backwards? Donna :)

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ActiveWorlds 3.2 Software Should Not Be Default: Bad Exper. for New PC Users

Aug 27, 2001, 11:11pm
If you were already using Direct3D with 3.1 you will have automatically been using it in 3.2 by default since it just takes your 3.1 settings.

[View Quote] > i downloaded 3.2 and the default was directx... i
> couldnt even get software mode to work at all and
> the other mode was way too slow
> and i know im not in beta bnut the grid thing was
> a good idea but how its used is very poor you
> should be able to decide whether the grid overlaps
> the objects or not... with the way it is now i
> dont find it very useful at all
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Paint shop pro 7

Sep 1, 2001, 5:03am
Yo, idiot newbie twit, stop posting off-topic (and promoting illegal warez, no less) or I'll report your ass to your ISP/email provider, dig? Now evolve already.

[View Quote] > Because its out there somwear!
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i know im complaining but so what now you know so if you dont like it

Sep 2, 2001, 7:34am
Oh please...$10 for each new USER? Most people hardly ever stay in a world long enough to suck THAT much bandwidth off the uniserver. MUCH more bandwidth is used by the world and object (WAY much more still!) servers. AWC is just being stingy.

[View Quote] > Bandwidth is the answer, not only AW charges dependant
> on the user limit, some other world hosts do it too if
> they don't have unlimited bandwidth because their ISP
> charges them for each MB (some for each GB).
> No real reason that AW has the same increment for worlds
> that they host and worlds that are hosted somewhere else
> because the world host has to give the bandwidth.
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i know im complaining but so what now you know so if you dont like it

Sep 2, 2001, 9:13am
Duh...that's my point: world-uniserver interaction bandwidth is almost negligible. Hence, there's no real justification for $10/user...

[View Quote] > The world heartbeat is the same independant from the user
> count I think. The bandwith that the OP sucks depends very
> much on the object refresh. All the larger AW worlds use
> the same OP so they don't load for each world.
> Worlds with a large group of frequent visitors need only
> very little object refresh if the object refresh is set to
> a high value.
> So the only thing that really should affect the bandwidth
> of a WORLD server is the people count.
> For the universe server it should not matter which world
> a person visits, the polling frequency should be the same.
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a list

Oct 1, 2001, 9:19pm
It's NOT a plugin, however. AWC is yet again showing just how out of touch it truly is with the computer industry. Plugins are for web browsers that load INSIDE THE BROWSER AND DO NOT LOAD AN EXTERNAL PROGRAM LIKE AW. All the AW "plugin" is is the same old teleport script that's been used for YEARS to automatically open AW to a specific spot. <shrug>

[View Quote] > plugin for AW Browser, silly :)
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a list

Oct 6, 2001, 1:47am
Um, kah, YOU are the putz who started talking about webpage plugins and crap. I'm responding to THAT (and also to the "3D homepage" crap). Get over it.

[View Quote] > how can you be such a "putz" if I may say so? you know you allways rant
> about this feature... lets take the text I'm reffering to, item 6 in the
> General section of The Really Holy List (actually, your improvement
> list...):
> "plug-in support: So third-party programmers can add things to AW that
> AWCI's 2 programmers can't. The SDK (software developers kit) is a beginning
> to this process, but only really applies to bots which aren't integrated
> into AW itself like they should be."
> this is what was meant as the wish off this thread, not talking about "Lauch
> the ActiveWorlds plugin now" crap on the new AWC website... anyway, you were
> a putz not to see that the original thread/replies were posted way before
> the new website was released...
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a list

Oct 7, 2001, 10:46am
I understand all too well, sport. I understand you like to ramble on about shit no else gives 2 shits and a piss about. I understand you can't follow a thread very well. I understand your line length is too short so the more you previous posts you quote the more chopped up they become. I understand you're a twit. I understand you're now filtered. Buh-bye.

> wrong with you lately??? WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT WEBPAGE PLUGINS!!! (at
> first I thought they meant an SDK or something, but they didn't, so now it's
> you that's talking about web plugins) we're talking about plugins you could
> use with the **AW** browser, similar to bots, just integrated into the
> browser, like you allways go on about! what part of that is it that you
> don't understand?
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saving cell data (was Re: catagolizing project)

Sep 18, 2001, 8:59pm
Uh, I have a LOT of experience with cell data limitations. Perhaps you missed my "saving cell data" part of my AW site:

And I've been running into it more lately in Hole since I tend to put sounds and other actions on everything--and have been building smaller shadows on the 7-11 walls. AW needs a way to make non-solid objects unclickable so I don't have to add "activate noise" to them in order to get the surfaces they're covering to sound the same. Perhaps a new script/RWX command would be in order: "activate off"...

[View Quote] > Yes, Eep would have little experience with the cell space monster though, as
> he doesn't make small things out of many many objects.

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Re: JPG Masking

Sep 18, 2001, 9:03pm
No, you have to make the mask specifically for that in a graphics program (Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc).

Oh and note that making masks out of JPGs isn't recommended because JPG artifacts (from its lossy compression algorythm) will appear. Masks should be made from the original, uncompressed format (BMP, TGA, TIF, etc--and not mindlessly converted FROM JPG to these formats either).

AW really needs to support a lossless texture format (zipped BMPs/TGAs, for example)...

[View Quote] > Do current versions of AW have a command that will mask a certain color
> value or values in a JPG file? This would be very helpful when making flag
> animations and such. :)

Re: saving cell data (was Re: catagolizing project)

Sep 21, 2001, 5:00pm
Too bad it has some false information, particularly about where cells meet on the ground object. Texture seams aren't necessarily where cells meet. Cells are 10m x 10m x 10m columns so textures have to tile the same width and depth for them to meet up exactly with cells.

Also, the "gear" object isn't necessary since simply use one of the named objects as the "control" object. And the "excessive create animate me . 1 1 0,astart;adone texture carpet1 name=c1,astart" isn't necessary; "create texture carpet1 name=c1" is sufficient (though the name could be one character less).

Oh and I'd appreciate it if you didn't copy my information and instead put a link to my tips and just added new ones to your page...

[View Quote] > Another Resource:
> Under the Cell Space Conservation section, there are a few cool tricks using
> naming, as well as the tricks listed on Eep's website (using less
> characters, etc)
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Re: saving cell data (was Re: catagolizing project)

Sep 22, 2001, 12:19am
[View Quote] [View Quote] It retextures them when the control object is created/refreshed.

> a link to my tips and just added new ones to your page...
> We never copied actually. They just happened to be on your website too. :-)

Uh have word-for-word info there, bub. Try again.

> using
> get
> script/RWX

Re: JPG Masking

Sep 22, 2001, 12:20am

[View Quote] > I'm assuming you can't mask pictures loaded from the create picture command
> though.. JPG format doesn't support it.
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Re: saving cell data (was Re: catagolizing project)

Sep 22, 2001, 10:11pm
Look, I don't like people who copy me. I've been copied ever since coming to AW in 1997. First some twit copied my initial "hovering" glass pyramid. Then kellee copied my cell data tips page. Then Lucrustia copied my entire RW site. Then Kyle (Elyk) copied Cubed and some of my objects. Now you. God damn, people...BE ORIGINAL!

You know DAMN well you didn't discover most of that info on that page and you read it on MY site (or kellee's copy) first. Now give credit where credit's due, punk.

[View Quote] > put
> :-)
> Word-for-word? *compares* Not exactly..

Re: saving cell data (was Re: catagolizing project)

Sep 23, 2001, 1:21am
Look, you (or whoever made the page) obviously copied info from my page so simply give me credit and a link to the page you stole it from and I'll be content...for now. Don't plagarize. Be original. Don't copy. Give references. Evolve. God damn.

[View Quote] > The wording is NOT exactly the same. However it contains similar
> information. There is a finite amount of information available about
> building, you know. I'm sure Syntax didn't mean to copy the layout of your
> wording, but that's just how it happened. Syntax, perhaps you should go
> through and reword the part he's talking about?
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plagarism (was Re: saving cell data)

Sep 24, 2001, 3:25am
Bullshit, twit. You didn't find out about that info until after reading my (or kellee's ripoff of my) page and you god damn well know it! Don't be such a putzfuck, putzfuck.

[View Quote] > Are you loopy or something? We didn't copy you word for word. All the
> content on the website is written from scratch. That
> information is public domain, it's not copyrighted by you, and you didn't
> come up with it. So we're not going to put a link on the website or credit
> you. Period.
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Re: plagarism (was Re: saving cell data)

Sep 24, 2001, 7:53pm
Public domain my ass! You did NOT figure most of that information out on your way no how. How long've you been in AW, newbie? I've been in longer. Sit down, putz. Fucking thief-kid...

[View Quote] > Two words: public domain. You have no case.
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Negative Lights

Jul 7, 2002, 10:47pm
Not really possible since Criterion dropped negative light support soon after RW3 was released. :/

[View Quote] > "Unfixing" the negative light bug from a few versions ago would be useful
> right about now.

rotation resetting

Jul 4, 2002, 6:31pm
I already told Shamus and Grimm about this but thought I'd post it here for everyone else to know.

The "rotate" action command "reset" option doesn't reset correctly; it resets after the first time but then loops once and resets again.

And it would be nice to have a loop amount option:

loop (once; default)
loop=1 (once)
loop=2 (twice)

....and so on.

And animation adone/astart/astop-equivalent functionality for the move/rotate commands would allow much more interaction.

Internal Viewing

Jul 6, 2002, 3:07pm
It should still be an option to make the terrain cell 2-sided...

[View Quote] > In most cases you wouldn't have people lower than the terrain, so the bottom isn't rendered to improve performance.
> If you want caves right now, just make a hole in the terrain and use objects for the under-terrain portion.
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Internal Viewing

Jul 9, 2002, 8:18am
No excuse. You want options? Just look at Directory Opus (, which is the EPITOME of options (and the most configurable software I've EVER used--and I've used a LOT)--and it's just a Windows Explorer replacement! Surely if such a lowly app like that can have THAT many options, AW can at least have a few more than it already does...especially since AW is meant to basically be an immersive (virtual) reality simulator where people don't just spend a few minutes each day using but could, in theory, "live".

[View Quote] > ... it would also unfortunately take years to program all of these options.
> I recommend you look at this if you haven't already:
> news://$1 at
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Update Walking on Terrain Speed

Jul 9, 2002, 11:58pm
Gravity isn't the problem; collision detection is. In AW3 (or something), Roland implemented a new collision detection algorithm in order to fix a problem with going up steps (that Roland somehow managed to screw up), which also slowed down sloped collision. It was never fixed (as haven't the illions of other bugs still in AW after all these years: for a partial list).

[View Quote] > Well holding down ctrl while walking up the hill should make you go faster.
> This doesn't speed you up that much. I think the gravity is a little too
> much on the terrain since hills that are made with objects doesn't take
> nearly as long to walkup. This slow walking speed up the terrain makes it so
> you cannot enjoy a world full of mountains :(
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annual (or so) AW improvements site post

Jul 15, 2002, 10:04am

annual (or so) AW improvements site post

Jul 17, 2002, 3:30am
Heh, well, I didn't think up ALL (most, but not all) of it--as it says in the intro, it's based off Rolu's wishlist and I've taken some ideas from the newsgroups and added them in. I decided not to go with credited ideas since most aren't original and just dub them under the AW "community".

I should've kept a copy of Rolu's original web page for credit, but I don't have it, so if anyone does, send it to me. :)

[View Quote] > god, you could spend days reading that. By the time you get done you think
> Eep is a genius and AWI is totally slacking.
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Extended Viewing Range

Jul 15, 2002, 10:07pm
RW is indeed capable of portal rendering and LOD (level of detail). Just look at how much detail Grand Theft Auto 3 can pack into VERY long distances ( view*.jpg for some screenshots--and that's rendering EVERYTHING double-sided too (see the other images there)! See Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 and The Italian Job for more of what RW3 can do.

I remember how Roland said 400m was the max RW3 could render to. As usual, he was wong, considering Shamus increased terrain viewing to 1200m in AW 3.4 build 427! Damn am I glad he's gone, along with his incompetently inept programming...

[View Quote] > AW doesn't have their own 3D engine - they use Renderware. It takes a lot of work to write a *good* engine and would likely require
> the full-time attention of the programmers.
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Extended Viewing Range

Jul 16, 2002, 2:25am
I can't stand coding, but at least I know how to remain consistent. ;) Roland just wasn't that great a programer--even he admitted it. <shrug>

[View Quote] > :'( cruel man, just plain cruel...I don't see YOU writing software like AW
> ALL BY YOURSELF. Lay off Roland, show him some respect.

Extended Viewing Range

Jul 16, 2002, 7:34pm
It would cost Rick and JP more to get (and find) a programmer competent enough to create a 3D engine from scratch anyway, which isn't even really necessary.

[View Quote] > It could start saving them thousands of dollars too.
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Extended Viewing Range

Jul 22, 2002, 12:15pm
[View Quote] > Lordy, Strike, I thought you could figure this out. Most online games do not
> have an object path nor are they built with lots of tiny objects. For games
> like Quake or Unreal Tournament render 3D models that are already on the
> hard disk whereas ActiveWorlds must render models as they are downloaded
> from an object path and continue to check for changes in the landscape.
> Unreal Tournament and Quake only have to check for changes that are possible
> in that game.

AW only checks for changes in the "landscape" (world) when a change call is given by the world server.

> But I do agree, ActiveWorlds could be much faster. For starters, RWX isn't
> the best way to go. It may have been when ActiveWorlds was beginning but
> right now it's not, it's much too slow. Active Worlds needs to modernize
> itself a bit with better 3D model formats, better caching of the objects and
> more settings based on the frequency of checking for objects in the
> landscape.

RWX (text files) are stored in binary format in the models.dat file. AW3 also supports DFF format (binary only), which is used in games like Grand Theft Auto 3, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, The Italian Job, etc.

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