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Please stop

Oct 4, 2001, 4:47am
Hey, you don't need to tell ME about this; I've been speaking out about a=
ll of Roland/AWC's stupid changes to AW ever since first coming to AW ove=
r 4 years ago, but I can only do so much--I'm only one person. This is wh=
y people need to band together and speak out against AWC's mindless chang=
es to AW and to CONSTANTLY question ANY AWCer they come across so they ca=
n NOT make changes to AW that go against what the majority (or even an ou=
tspoken minority that seem to be the only ones who truly care about AW) w=
ant. The feature vote is one step in this direction, but AWC still needs =
constant pressure to make sure things are enforced and carried out. Other=
wise AWC will go about their merry way (as usual) and try to blow us off.=
Oh, sure, they throw scraps at us to make it LOOK like they care, but do=
they truly? I seriously doubt it...they blow more smoke up our butts and=
pull more wool over our eyes than most people can even tell and/or want =
to admit. It's time to wake up, people...if you truly care about AW and i=
ts future you'll stop letting it slide into the sewer!

[View Quote] > Thing is, ppl have their own way of doing stuff on their computer and w=
> something isn't broke, please keep your lunch hooks off of it. :(
[View Quote] > options (not pull-down menu, annoyingly--hey, I suggested Roland add it=
> he ignored be as usual).
> there was
> readjust
> acceptable
> to down
> but
> out.
u can
> sort
s or
> close
00 m
> and
> options.
> Visibility

3D homepages/Trial Worlds

Oct 3, 2001, 3:51am
Hey, I wouldn't mind your bloatware MP3 if they were disableable, but they're not for "local" (world object server) sounds et al--yet more inconsistent design by AWC.

[View Quote] > Midi is the devil's music. When people say "wah wah boo hoo in 3.2 I can't
> hear my midi!" I'm usualy like "good! midi should be banned!" ha.. then
> again I've got an mp3 so big in my world that even eep bitched about its
> size (I don't think 5megs is too big for a mp3.. not some 2meg american pop
> song). With mp3 support.. midi should be gone.
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Aw is becoming more and more messed up every day...

Oct 4, 2001, 4:53am
AW has been going down the tubes and into the dumpster for years. "3D homepages" are simply AWC's latest marketing attempt that will most definitely fail. Why? Because it's false advertising. Trial worlds AREN'T homepages, 3D or otherwise. Homepages are HTML-scripted text pages displayed in web browsers. AW worlds are not. Rick, JP, and all those other putz "directors" (clueless idiots would be a better label) are simply so out of touch with AW that they just do NOT know how to market or manage it at all. I don't know what it's going to take to clue these idiots into what AW REALLY is (and can become), but I've been trying for YEARS without success. One can only do so much with ineptness before it's essentually pointless and futile...

[View Quote] > It may be just me but I look at AW now and see that half of the good
> smart, and happy people are now gone. AW has turned into a place where
> it seems to be more worthwhile to put out a version that half the things
> don't work, so they can do a thing called '3D Home Pages' which isn't
> nothing more than a trial world. Has the Active Worlds staff become more
> loving of money than the citizens that occupy it??
> Or is it that they just dont care enoughf to make shure everything is
> working and people are happy. It seems to me that they are more occupyed
> with money than making shure that people are happy and having fun in
> there Trial Worlds aka. - 3D Home Pages, and just getting more juno
> people on. Like we need them, all they want is a place to have cyber
> sex. Nowadays I cant pop into my world and have a tourest come by and
> ask if I wanna 'cyber'. In real life I wouldent mind; But I come to
> Active Worlds to have some fun and hang with my homeis and do something
> instead of homework.
> So im asking is it just me or has ActiveWorlds changed?

Aw is becoming more and more messed up every day...

Oct 5, 2001, 11:29am
[View Quote] [View Quote] And that justifies in lying to them and leading them to believe worlds are something they're not? Open your fucking eyes, Brant...

Uh huh...yet AWC allows all those cybersex-latent gor worlds run rampant. Shut up, hypocrite!

No, once again you fail to look into things before making yourself look like an ignorant fool. AWLD has been floundering near or under $1 for a LONG time now--MUCH longer than this latest "recession"-prone market.

Oh and Andras, you're not helping by mindlessing agreeing with this twit, either.

Oh, sure, it LOOKS like AWC is starting to care more about what its users want, but until ANYTHING is implemented BECAUSE of the feature vote I won't be bending over backwards and sucking off AWC like YOU seem to be doing, lemming.

> Furthermore,

Fully? Relative to what? AW 3.2 does NOT look the same as 3.1. Perhaps you missed all the lighting bugs and other problems?? Or do you only use AW to mindlessly chat in and don't ever do any REAL work with it? Figures...

Bahahahaha! That's funny...gee, and all this happened since 3.2's release, eh?? Shut the fuck up, you ignorant toad. You know NOT what you babble about.

Open your fucking eyes and read up on why AW (start with is and HAS been going downhill for YEARS, newbie.

AW takes a dive (?)

Oct 25, 2001, 7:38am
Well, I don't know about other people, but I've been getting bored and frustrated with AW ever since 3.2 was released. What's the point of putting that much time and effort into making something look EXACTLY how I want it only to have it fucked up in the next build because Roland can't keep AW consistent from build to build? Feh...forget that! It's bad enough the so-called "beta testers" miss most of the bugs and only start posting the IMPORTANT bugs after I mention them in the non-beta newsgroups...and even then they're not fixed...

Bah...AW just develops too slowly to hold interest...and AWC's pathetic marketing attempts ("3D homepages" this month) just makes things worse; they just have NO clue (as usual) on how to market and develop AW...

Oh well; perhaps it's time to move on...

[View Quote] > I am the only one noticing how few people are on AW anymore? Right not
> there's only 250 people online, and there's usualy double that. Not one
> person is online on my fairly large contact list, and when they are it's
> only a few people.
> *goes back to lonely building*

AW takes a dive (?)

Oct 25, 2001, 10:52pm
The problem is AWC is nowhere near the size of Maxis (SimCity 2000 developers) and so doesn't have the budget (Maxis is owned by Electronic Arts) to hire competent programmers. AWC suffers from management bloat, specifically the fact that Rick and JP make $160K/year. Why? What the HELL do they do besides grind AW into the ground with each new worthless "marketing" attempt and clueless development direction? And I'm sure the influx of Vanguard Enterprises suits hasn't helped either. Feh...AW is going downhill and I'm getting off before it crashes...

[View Quote] > after 3.2 aws images has radically gone down to
> hell, not that it was very good to begin with.
> nothing stays the same from version to version. in
> 3.0 masks were changed so a lot of builds were
> totally worthless after that. 3.2 has a lot of
> problems that the beta testers missed. my world
> has gone form 4-5 visits a day to 0-2 a week. the
> programmers of aw are not doing well at keeping up
> with technology. these days you dont expect
> something to take a long time to render and you
> expect graphics to be past the mid-90's by now. if
> aw gets their act together and adds the features
> WE ask for instead of what THEY think would be
> EASIEST to do, they would probably do ok despite
> how poorly they are run. im serious look at their
> site. half of the feature descriptions on the
> feature vote site say its not likely to happen
> because its too hard for them to do. TOUGH SHIT.
> im surprised that theyve lasted THIS long with
> that kind of thinking. look at sim city 3k from
> maxis they spent 2 years totally re-writing it
> instead of sticking with the same code and just
> changing it over and over. maybe with this new
> video stuff aw has been having trouble with, its
> time to re-write the whole damn thing, ya think?
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This is Annoying

Jul 12, 2002, 3:34am
Where did you hear it was "management" (Rick and JP) who wanted fast turning removed? I've only ever read it as Roland himself arbitrarily taking it out because HE didn't like it--as if a last-ditch "rebellious" outburst against the oppressive management or something--perhaps me. Note: I'm the one who suggested it in the first place. ;)

Oh and fix your quoting system: it's adding extra lines. I've cleaned it up this time.

[View Quote] > *sigh* Roland was not the idiot; it was the idiots above him that told
> him to take it out. He was just following orders. You looking to take
> Rick's job or something? :P
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This is Annoying

Jul 12, 2002, 11:44am
Uh, it was YOUR act I cleaned up, Goob. ;) Not this time though--you should look into configuring your newsreader better...

[View Quote] > Seemed to recall he said it during some Tech Talk or other that it was
> management's idea. I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time :P).
> And, even though you may have "cleaned up" your act, it's nice to see
> that some things don't change. ;)
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AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 12, 2002, 9:45pm
What happened? It supposedly took place on 7/8. AWCers have been noticeably absent from AW so I'm wondering if they're just all on vacation or has AW been sold to X3D (assuming the vote got rid of the 2 opposing independent directors and X3D reproposed the "merger"-buyout that quick)?

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 12, 2002, 10:02pm
Increase your line length and it won't be a problem.

[View Quote] > You'll have to cut and paste that last bit...long URL.
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AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 12, 2002, 10:04pm
Wow, so long to Rick and JP!

"Messrs. McCormick and Noll immediately resigned as officers and directors and terminated their employment agreements effective immediately;"

Cool! Now maybe AW will actually start GOING somewhere!

[View Quote] >
[View Quote]

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 12, 2002, 10:16pm
That doesn't say the results of the vote though. Seems like it didn't go through as Rick and JP hoped, so they just bailed. <chuckle>

[View Quote] >
> d-8k.txt
[View Quote]

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 12, 2002, 10:38pm
I have to wonder if Rick and JP still don't own AW because of this statement: "McCormick and Noll shall acquire the entire business of the Company but not its existing litigation against and its remaining cash balances of approximately $630,000;" which implies they're still in control of AW? So confusing!

[View Quote] > Oh damn.. this is scaring the bejesuz out of me..
> " Prior to the resignations of McCormick and Noll, the three
> independent
> directors strongly believed Activeworlds, Inc. and its business model were
> not
> in the best interests of the Company's stockholders as evidenced by the
> Company's continuing losses. The Company is seeking to acquire an operating
> business in a reverse merger transaction which has the potential to create
> stockholder value."
> Stockholders = Want Money = Resources taken away from AW = Prices may
> increase.
> I see this as a BIG problem, I actually started to like Rick.

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 12, 2002, 11:16pm but good luck getting in touch with them.

[View Quote] > Well, which way?
> What is this, 5 down (*counts with fingers* Luc, Roland, Hammy, Rick, JP*)
> If Flagg and Mountain Myst goes, it's a crowd.
> I don't understand the full story at all, I hope to one day though. It's
> like widdling the staff away. Why is everyone leaving, business-wise? I
> think there's a lot of questions the SEC fails to answer. And can anyone
> tell me who Judson and the other guy is? Judson sounds familiar, but do we
> have any information or history on both of them? Maybe then we can find the
> answer to where AW's going.
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AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 12, 2002, 11:25pm
Bruce Judson (get-rich-quick schemer--smells like spam):

Sean Deson (board of director slut): ("Sean Deson is currently the Managing Director of Deson & Co. and the Managing Partner of Deson Ventures. Mr. Deson is involved in private equity investing through both entities. Mr. Deson previously was Senior Vice President of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette’s Technology Investment Banking. In addition, Mr. Deson serves on the Board of Directors of FASTXchange, LiquidXS, Systemsfusion, Activeworlds, Technology Flavors and Fragrances, and industry2industry.")

Dunno about Alex Adelson.

[View Quote] > think there's a lot of questions the SEC fails to answer. And can anyone
> tell me who Judson and the other guy is? Judson sounds familiar, but do we
> have any information or history on both of them? Maybe then we can find the
> answer to where AW's going.

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 13, 2002, 1:40am
I think Circle of Fire (COF) was a Nevada company before Vanguard Enterprises bought them and made it, Inc. (then just Activeworlds Corporation), a Delaware company. Now it looks like there is the Rick/JP-owned Activeworlds, Inc. (AWI, renamed from COF?) and the other guys own Activeworlds Corporation (which no longer has anything to do with Active Worlds). My bet is AWC will merge with X3D and probably just use X3D as the name and drop the defunct AWC. AWI will revert to pre-public-company status.

So much for Rick and JP's attempt at managing a business. ;) Perhaps they'll get a clue and focus on entertainment/gaming this time and do it right like they should've done in the first place...

[View Quote] >
> That's the long version. Still trying to figure out what it all means.
> For instance, it says that Rick and JP are still CEO/CFO of
> Activeworlds, Inc. (a Nevada company), which is a subsidiary of
> ActiveWorlds Corp. (a Delaware company). How does that make sense?!
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AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 13, 2002, 2:35am
Could be either way. After rereading what I wrote, I should have said AWI (Rick and JP's company), not AWC (Bruce et al), will probably merge with X3D now that the opposing independent directors (and all of them actually) are out of the way.

[View Quote] > So does Active Worlds go with AWI or with X3d?
[View Quote]

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 13, 2002, 10:28am
What kind of industry allows its players to get off scot-free after they've FUBARed? This is as bad as filing for bankruptsy and all your dept magically disappears, leaving other people to clean up your mess. I HATE business. Rick and JP need to pay for their mistakes, just as Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco are (or will eventually be) paying for theirs...

There's NO reason Rick and JP should have received $215,000 and $210,000 (note the correct punctuation), respectively (not that I have any respect for their business practices), for what they did. If anything, they should be paying the shareholders back for their shoddy management--and resigning control over AW to competent people who actually know what they're doing and have a VISION for AW instead of continuing to allow it to flounder like it has throughout its lifetime.

[View Quote] > As a remark to all posts above; I know that URL is *a lot* to read, but
> reading it *all* before making comments might help. Read a page, go have a
> coffee break, then read an other (that helped for me to at least understand
> better)
> I'm not a business-laywer where some were looking for, but to my
> understanding yes, J.P. and Noll quit as of immediatly and sold their
> shares back to the company for which they got paid.
> With this money and probably some savings, they acuired to buy AW, on which
> "the company" (now without J.P. and Noll) agreed.
> After doing so, they've appointed two people to manage *their* new company,
> two people who were already involved.
> But, the most tricky part is in the "liability"; they've quit and bought AW
> as two new, independent people, including all material, leases, loans, etc.
> etc.
> but *without* the old liability which could be held against any person
> (since the J.P and Noll who left are *not* the same J.P. and Noll who
> bought AW, or at least not their involvement)
> This is all moving around on paper, appearantly the meaning of "they quit
> the company" moreover means that they never even left the table they were
> sitting at while negociating.
> Or more clear, they didn't go anywhere at all, but *did* get rid of the two
> directors they wanted to get rid of plus that they can not be hold
> responsible for any misstakes or claims the "previous" J.P. and Noll
> involved in the company made.
> As little extra, they've bought themselves an other month of time for the
> reasonable amount of $15.000
> While everybody is talking about how the lead and management of AW is
> failing, personally I think it's a little demonstration of tricky
> businessmen which played out some cards they still had up their sleeves.
> In my opinion, like Daphne said, for now nothing changes visibly to AW
> users.
> Just wait and see which cards they have left to play in one month from now,
> hoping it's a full-house and things start moving forward and for the better
> from here :)

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 13, 2002, 11:19pm
It's not correct. Decimal points aren't commas (otherwise they'd be called "decimal commas"). Decimal points are PERIODS (.) used to separate fractional amounts; commas are used to separate thousands ("1,000"). You Europeans do it wrong. ;) Why don't you use commas instead of periods to end sentences and periods to represent pauses, too while you're at it? <snicker> Silly Europeans...

[View Quote] > Drubi used the correct punctuation for several countries,
> including his own and mine. Stop trying to behave like a
> teacher and be more tolerant please.
[View Quote]

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 14, 2002, 12:12am
[View Quote] > Decimal points, American football, miles, ounzes, 12 hour clocks,
> hamburgers, microsoft ... really great improvements *g

Yup, most of which you couldn't live without. ;)

> Oh, and of course the decimal separator is a "Dezimalkomma" here.

Learn to separate words correctly too. ;)

[View Quote]

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 14, 2002, 12:43am
Tip: quote what you're replying to next time, champ. And don't create a new subject when you reply. Duh. Silly newbie.

[View Quote] > I trimmed all your crap out Eep - did I earn your undying love and
> admiration. I guess not...

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 14, 2002, 8:50pm
It's not about tolerance, but consistency, Ananas. Periods used to separate thousands just looks silly. While I'm American, I prefer metric over "standard" measurement. How do scientists deal with the inconsistency in numerical punctuation? One would think there would at least be a standard there--and I'm sure there is: periods for decimals and commas for thousands separation.

I'm not in the military so military time (24-hour) isn't for me. I'm not much into sports so "football" or "soccer" don't interest me much.

[View Quote] > Here's one correction you asked for :
> Clock =>
> Not sure about the sandwich, but I'm quite sure it's
> not invented here.
> I'm not into Fussball (what you call soccer), but I
> don't understand why a game where you can use your
> hands is called football.
> And for the decimal comma (or point) - that's where
> this part of the thread started - why not just accept
> that countries are different?
> I have no problems with people eating hamburgers,
> using decimal points, 12 hour clocks, playing or
> football. But I have a problem with intolerance.
[View Quote]

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 14, 2002, 11:01pm
Not Army (note correct spelling) time--MILITARY time, and that's what it's called here in the US. It's just unnecessarily complicated.

[View Quote] > 24 hour time isnt armi time, europe used it long before the armi did
[View Quote]

AWLD independent director vote results?

Jul 15, 2002, 8:16am
Hey, miles, contractions have apostophes (') in them. ;P

[View Quote] > LOL you re funny guy..
> you re disagreeing with eep? but i see no post where i can read that..

> do you use "we"? because you re both americans? so tell me now if it is


> hey , i don t wear a beret on my head nor i listen accordeon nor i have a


> but it doesn t mean most of the european are.


> do you think it appeared above his head ,a red flashing sign saying "hey i m

"I'm" (Note the capitalized "I", which you seem to also have a problem doing: capitalizing, that is.)

> you re right , you didn t ask me to change. the "you" in my sentence was a


> and don t forget you appear to defend him.. so you appear to agree with

> except this thread was just about the bad manners of eep... don t see in


> this a blame on US...ananas was just showing how eep is unable to accept
> different customs than his own....

I barely even accept my own (country's) silly customs/traditions (birthdays, holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, et al), so don't feel like I'm singling Ananas out--I'm an equal-opportunity discriminator. ;P

> ok that s my last post in this thread, contact me by mail if you want more


Bad Time for 3D....

Jul 13, 2002, 9:15am
Attract a REAL (game) developer to develop AW to its fullest potential. for more info. Until then, AW will continue to flounder as it has been since its inception.

[View Quote] > It may not be coincidence that the German subsidiary of blaxxun Inc.,
> maintainers of "Cybertown," a virtual (and very cool) online commuity, have
> themselves filed for insolvency as of April. Members' petitions and
> donations have apparently kept the site from going under by initiating a
> move from German to US servers. How long the site will continue in its
> present incarnation is up for grabs. But, while Cybertown's membership was
> free to its citizens, Aw's membership certainly is not; we have far more to
> lose besides community should AW dissolve. I'd like to initiate a
> discussion over ways to keep AW (as well as our personal investments in it)
> alive during its present crisis. I'm sure I speak for a lot of you by
> saying that I've put in far too much time, effort and money for the whole
> system to simply "go away" in front of my nose. Any ideas?

Bad Time for 3D....

Jul 17, 2002, 9:46pm
[View Quote] > We've tried for years to initiate discussions with AW management and give
> what we feel are viable alternatives to their business model. Eep and
> followers want RPG type games. I think they are missing the boat on more
> Bingo (game)type worlds and need to look at the buisiness model of
> as they have 10's of thousands of users on at any time.

No, I don't want RPG-type games--I simply want AW to be OPTIONALLY more gamelike, with more gamelike features (jumping, hitting, shooting, an inventory, moving objects--i.e. physics, etc). These things would open up AW's gaming possibilities FAR beyond just that of RPGs (which would still need a decent dialog branching system that could probably be taken care of by a bot--blech--anyway).

> For any of this to
> work though they need users in the worlds so they can sell advertising. Not
> many companies are going to purchase advertising within a paid environment
> that only have a few hundred people in it at any given time and with those
> people spread out all over the place. I realize that Internet advertising
> revenue isn't what it used to be. That doesn't mean companies still don't
> advertise. They just spend their money more wisely. It seems years ago that
> many large corporations were advertising in AW and also using the technology
> themselves. What ever happened to them all? All gone not long after the
> current management took over.

They were mostly experimenting with AW, realized it wasn't being developed to its fullest potential, and moved on.

> AW needs to be free or nearly free. ( I never thought the $19.95 a year was
> too bad) Worlds need to be inexpensive as that's what keeps people coming
> back and is the basis of their community. Bottom line, you have to have the
> user base before any of the numerous suggestions that others have made in
> the past will work. Unfortunately the actions that the management of AW keep
> taking are ruining the community and forcing people to leave for various
> reasons. No users = no revenue on several fronts. Trying to make all their
> money from the users had obviously failed. They need to look at their users
> as an assett, not all their revenue and market this place like it should be.
> "To restate- Blaxxun did have the right idea in keeping it free and trying
> to generate revenues in another way. I imagine that's why it lasted as long
> as it did." AW needs to look at that....

Regardless, AW's still lasted as long or longer than Blaxxun with its various free and paid plans. But I agree it should be cheaper/free

Bad Time for 3D....

Jul 18, 2002, 4:51pm
Uh, no it wouldn't since it still costs to be a citizen. Store sales would only account for the initial software purchase, not the citizenship. Regardless, in its current state, AW simply would not sell.

[View Quote] > putting it in a box in the stores makes a huge difference,
> u have to remember that more than half of the tourists cant register coz of
> not having a CC, but selling it in stores would make CC usage obsolete
[View Quote]

Bad Time for 3D....

Jul 18, 2002, 4:52pm
They publish The Sims (and the online version coming soon) and MotorCity Online.

[View Quote] > But do they make any online, multi-player games? That was my original
> point, after all... :P
[View Quote]

Bad Time for 3D....

Jul 19, 2002, 6:21am
Might be possible, but then AWI would have to deal with key (serial number) generator cracks, multiple people using the same cracked account, etc. It'd most likely be more hassle than it's worth. Then again, it might be interesting having an "official-unnofficial hacked-cracked" (UOHC) account

I think AW would be/do better as on-line only since it's so small--and the "high-rez" CD flopped a few years ago anyway so it's just not worth putting only a few worlds' contents on the CD with it (which would be the only real justification in creating a CD in the first place since the browser is only ~1MB anyway).

[View Quote] > Ooh...I got an idea as I was reading this thread.
> Putting the box in stores may only account for the shelf price and not the
> cit, but what about this:
> *If you download AW, you have to pay x money for a cit, but if you bought it
> for the same x amount of money, it came with a registration code on the CD
> or whatever, and if you put in the registration code it would give you a cit
> through that.
> How does that sound?
[View Quote]

Corection: E N Z O and JP own AW now!

Jul 14, 2002, 8:46pm
Increase your line length and it won't be a problem. Or use a decent newsreader that doesn't break up continuous lines. OE is crap.

[View Quote] > Unfortunately they span two lines. You'll need to glue them together. The
> first begins
> and ends
> with ...
> /agreementandplanofexchange.txt
> The second begins
> and ends
> with... /000112528202001692/b318476_10qsb.txt
> Sorry for the inconvenience.
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