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Marketing research(sort of)

Nov 7, 1998, 12:36pm
[Too many cross posts, snip worldbuilders and awcommunity]

As soon as you get financial you are going to have to get AW involved because they will
have to build in-world interfaces that support secure interactions. Just chatting "heres
10 bucks" will not do it.

1. You are going to have citizen owned objects that represent money and no one, not
even all powerful, world owners can delete them.

2. There must be a means to purchase these objects, it would have to be something
built into the browser that allows you to enter your credit card number then connects to
the world server to register the purchase.

3. You will have to be able to have these objects available but not sitting in a pile
in-world. It would be a shame to have to have a pile of little gold bars sitting in the
corner of your house that represented all your money. The browser, world interaction
would have to be able to dynamically create a gold bar when needed.

4. Once a gold bar is generated you need a secure means of transferring ownership to
another citizen. Again the browser must have something built into it to support money
ownership changes that is very secure.

5. And, of coarse, you need a way of cashing in your money. Maybe putting it back on
your credit card.

None of this is easy.

Edward Sumerfield.

[View Quote] > i might try that with bots and stuff.
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Marketing research(sort of)

Nov 9, 1998, 4:06pm
Wow. Canopus, you rock.

Edward Sumerfield.

[View Quote] > There is a kind of in-world stuff that AW citizens might want to pay for--bots. Virtual money
> could be used to rent or buy bots from bot agencies or bot makers. You'll ask, why rent a bot
> when you can write or d/l a bot program? The problem is that AW worlds are rapidly being closed
> to all SDK bots except those belonging to the world-proprietors and the few names that the
> world-proprietors put on their AW_WORLD_BOTS_RIGHT lists. If you're an ordinary citizen without
> the RW money and leisure to buy and maintain a VR world, you may be able to write or get bot
> programs, but you won't be able to use them anywhere (except maybe Beta).
> The world-proprietors have a reason to exclude all but a few bots from their worlds. The SDK
> is an extremely powerful tool, and can be used to program wonderful, friendly bots or obnoxious,
> hateful bots. The obnoxious bots fall into two classes, as far as I can see: obnoxious avatars
> and obnoxious builders. You can program deer avatars that wander about your forested land and
> flee approaching hikers; or you can program demon avatars that station themselves on some
> victim's land and do or say rude things to anyone who happens to pass by. You can program mover
> bots that help people extricate themselves from a site that turns out to be too small by moving
> an entire building and landscape from there to a larger site, or you can program a paver bot
> that covers vast tracts of open land with raw concrete. Obnoxious avatars can be obnoxious
> anywhere; obnoxious builders need land open to building.
> The only solution that I can think of is to have world-owners license bot-owners. A bot owner
> that operates obnoxious bots loses the bot-license. If you want deer on your VR estate, you get
> a license or you rent them from a bot agency, that has built up a reputation for clever and
> non-obnoxious bots and so has a bot-license. If you want to build a under a dome on Mars, you
> get a license for a builder bot from the owner of Mars, or you go to a contractor that has a
> builder-bot license for Mars construction, and select a dome from the domes on the contractor's
> Module Yard (you give the contractor a privilege password so that you end up owning the dome).
> The contractor wants the VR money because
> it can be used to rent deer bots from a bot agency. A VR economy, backed up by a VR legal
> system.
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Marketing research(sort of)

Nov 10, 1998, 4:16pm
Sorry to confuse you but I have no opinion on the pros or cons of this issue, if it is, in fact,
an issue in the first place.

As I understand it both virtual and real money would be marvelous additions to the AW sphere of
options. Virtual money will open up some in-world commerce options as Canopus detailed in his
robot market analysis. Real money would take worlds into the real world market and people will
start selling products that can take advantage of the 3D visual environment.

Virtual money is simpler to implement so I expect that will be done first but I hope that this
exciting technology will get into the real money realm because that is were real financial
investment will start enhancing the pace of change at AW.

Edward Sumerfield.

[View Quote] > Are you saying that you agree with virtual money or real money?
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Dec 14, 1998, 11:14am
Not to start an international fight here but we British agree with the Australians
that increasing levels of interval size in sequence makes more logical sense that this
random American order. However, as a Brit that lives in America I must admit that I
have become accustomed to chaos.

Day/Month/Year Rocks.

[View Quote] > mmm... you silly Australians your dates are the wrong way around :)
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