riccardo antonini // User Search

riccardo antonini // User Search

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Programming avatar through sdk

Mar 3, 1999, 7:43am
We need to know if it is possible to programme, through SDK,
the avatar representing the real user (for instance, to change the
aspect, to make it move in the direction we want, to make it act the way
want and so on...)
- we have already used SDK to programme the bot , but would like to do
same with the real user
Thank you

programming avatar through SDK

Mar 12, 1999, 9:21am
Message for Walter Knupe

We have read your message, and would like to ask you what do you mean
exactly by "bump ward" and by "borg cubicle".
Please specify exactly what you mean.
We look forward to receiving your reply
Thanks in advance and best regards

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