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Xelagot: MySQL driver update

Mar 3, 2005, 5:26am
[View Quote] [View Quote] Well, neither did MicroOlap. I suggested this to them a few months
ago. There already was a way to select a port (parameter "Server
Port=") but it was not documented, and when I asked them about it,
they had to consult with the programming team, and it took a few days
to get the correct parameter. So I suggested a very obvious way to do
this, and they agreed to include it in the next release, which is now


Xelagot: MySQL driver update

Mar 3, 2005, 5:41am
And by the way, Andras, the fault is not by MicroOlap, the blame lies
on Borland. Their dbExpress documentation omits the port parameter,
as if they assume all DBs will be listening on their standard ports.
So each vendor has had to invent its own way. Other vendors also have
dual ways to set the port. This Borland omission has caused a lot of


Buyer Beware!

Mar 11, 2005, 3:31pm

I've been receiving this sort of fraudulent emails (PayPal, eBay) for

A few things were said already:

1) The real PayPal emails star with a greeting containing your account

2) Links to PayPal always use the https:// protocol (secure), never

3) The safest way is simply to log into your account using a browser,
not to click on a link in the email: type
https://www.paypal.com (don't forget the https)

4) Forward the fake emails to PayPal:
spoof at paypal.com

I use Eudora (paid version), and it comes up with warnings when you
hover the mouse over a link. If the hidden URL is different to the one
shown, or the URL starts with a dotted IP instead of a hostname, you
get a warning. This does help! But as a rule, NEVER click on a
linked URL in an email, unless you are expecting this email (for
example, when you subscribe to some trusted service, they send you a
confirmation request with a link... even so, check that the URL you
click is the one shown to you). This same attitude applies to

This has nothing to do with AW customers being targetted, it is a
general nuisance!


[View Quote] >I hate to think this but, Since so many of us in AW received this email,
>including me, today, I am thinking that some one in AW may be sending them
>to people in AW they think or know have paypal to do business in AW.

Buyer Beware!

Mar 11, 2005, 4:21pm
I don't think so, AlphaBP, the risks are just too high. Web pages can
contain malware, and by going to these pages you are actually
confirming that your email address exists. I'd rather not play with
fire :)

On 11 Mar 2005 13:05:30 -0500, "AlphaBit Phalpha"
[View Quote] >I like to go to the phishing sites and put in fake credit card info so they
>send thier thieves to try and take out money and find the password and
>account doesn't exist...lol
>Maybe if everyone did this they would give up?

The Cys Can No Longer Exist

Mar 12, 2005, 10:55pm
Dear AlphaBit Phalpha,

Some people think that because they have enjoyed something, this
something is theirs. Something similar was starting to happen with the
AVVY Awards. My team and those who own the awards name (DigitalSpace
and Contact Consortium) decided to suspend these awards for various
reasons which are here irrelevant; whether this is a permanent
decision or not is still to be seen.

No-one is entitled to take over somebody else's project without their
consent. All these negative vibes - telegrams, emails, newsgroup
postings - about your decision to stop the CY Awards simply confirm
that there is a profound lack of respect for other people's work (one
of the reasons, by the way, the AVVYs were suspended).

I'm sorry to hear the CY's are gone, but so is life. They have served
their purpose well. New projects will come, if there is enough
initiative and fresh sporting spirit.

I would like to thank you, and I'm sure the whole DigitalSpace team
agrees with me, for all the efforts and dedication you and your team
have done all these years to provide us with this worderfull event.
May your spirit of dedication inspire others to start their own
projects for the community.

Thanks a lot!


On 12 Mar 2005 09:37:36 -0500, "AlphaBit Phalpha"
[View Quote] >Hey Everyone,
>Since our post yesterday, Lady TeaL and I have received an onslaught of
>negative telegrams regarding the Cys.
>The Cys have always been a positive thing for the Community, yet are now
>turning VERY negative on it's departure.
>The Cys (as The Cys) should and can NOT continue to exist.
>I have received numerous emails of folks interested in taking them over, but
>I feel if anyone wants to organize an awards event, it can not be called the
>I personally own the Cys, and will be making it a historical rememberance,
>thus they cannot continue.
>Please refrain from telegrams any longer to Lady TeaL and myself.
>Use all that energy to create something new!:)
>We have been accused in grams of failing, and by gosh that hurts not only
>our feelings but also our reputation.
>PLEASE, let's exit on a positive not?
>The Cys are now a memory as of my post yesterday.
>Thank you all for understanding this post.
>Those of you doing the negative (and you know who you are:)...please cease.
>Thank you:)
>AlphaBit Phalpha

Since AlphaBit Phalpha requested not to receive any moe emails

Mar 13, 2005, 2:01am

I totally agree with you. I feel sad that the CYs go, but I feel more
sad at the insults towards the CY staff and lack of personal intiative
to start something new, instead of trying to jump on the band wagon
created by others.

I will miss the CYs, but what I miss most is the sense of humanity and
respect inside this community.

I can understand that we feel frustration when something we cherish
disappears, we all do. But channeling this legitimate feeling into
insults and reproaches, as is the case, is a very bad sign. It not
only hurts people who have dedicated their time and energy to serve
the community, it destroys the spirit in which this community event
was done.

I sincerely hope these negative attitudes will change with time. Go do
something constructive, instead of attacking others who have spent
innumerable hours being trust-worthy, inventive, patient, tolerant,
fair, hard working, to organise something for your benfit and not


[View Quote] >Hi Alphabet Phalpha :)
>Since you requested no more emails on this subject I thought I would post
>this here :)
>I am rebuilding my world right now and just last week told some one that
>maybe it will win a CY next year. I'm sorry that won't happen :( But, I do
>understand that you are just like most of us here and have a busy life out
>side of AW. I understand that you have personal responsibilities outside of
>AW just like most of us have. And, because I understand that, I understand
>why you are letting the Cry's awards go. I am surprised you were able to
>hold on to it this long.
>In the nearly 8 years I have been here, I have seen AW Community
>organizations come and go. Most didn't last a year. I would like to say
>THANK YOU for doing such a GREAT job for all of us for all these years. And,
>good luck with your personal business and with what ever you do next for AW.
>I do hope you are a part of something big in AW again in the future.
>This is my personal opinion, and every one else can think what they want,
>but I see no reason why the people who are complaining about your retirement
>can't go out and organize a new Awards ceremony for the community. I think
>that people should be wishing you well and thanking you for all you have
>done over the years. Instead they act like big selfish babies.
>I think they should just accept the fact that the CY's are retired and move
>To every one else who is bad mouthing Alphabet Phalpha,
>GET OVER IT! And do something constructive about it, like creating another
>awards ceremony. Spreading bad feelings. and hurting Alphabet Phalpha just
>cause her life isn't as empty of personal responsibility as yours is (or at
>least that's how you make it seem) isn't helping any thing. But it is
>showing what big selfish babies you are.
>I know for a fact that there are tons of people out there who go and mope
>around and complain after each and every CY awards ceremony. That they think
>it wasn't run right and it was unfare. So do something about it. If an
>Awards ceremony is so important to you, it shouldn't matter what it is
>called, as long as there is one. Now is your chance to show every one how
>much better you think it could have been. Create one of your own. Good God!
>GROW UP. What you have been doing in those threads is so imiture it's
>rediculeous there are no words for it.
>BTW. I dont' know who started the CY awards; I wasn't at the meetings about
>it. BUT, I have been here all these years and I have seen Alphabet Phalpha
>running it all these years. Organizing all the web sites, Doing all the hard
>work of it. I know she starts planning for the following year soon after the
>awards end. She works all year on it, EVERY YEAR. The rest of the volunteers
>are just that; Volunteers! There to help in the last month or so of the
>awards. As far as i'm conserned she owns them, wether her name is on some
>contract or not. And if she deems it is time to retire the Cry's and her
>self from it. Then as far as i'm conserned she has EVERY RIGHT.
>You all should be ashamed of your selves. You should be throughing her a
>going away or retirement party. Maybe planning a rememberance ceremony for
>the CY's. But instead you act like 2 year olds, who's best toy was taken
>Again; GROW UP!
>Sorry Alphabet Phalpha for that but, that's how I feel about it.

Since AlphaBit Phalpha requested not to receive any moe emails

Mar 15, 2005, 10:14am
You are misinformed, Mark, I won three CY Awards, not one :) But had
they been called anything else and organised by other people, I would
have been just as honoured. I wish many more activities spring out of
the AW community and that the efforts and achievents of its members be
recognised and praised. This is not achieved by bitching and sending
obnoxious telegrams etc, which stand for exactly the opposite state of

On 13 Mar 2005 11:16:47 -0500, "Strike Rapier" <markyr at gmail.com>
[View Quote] >I would have to dissagree alex, I think the strong emotions put forward
>about this show just how dedicated some people are...
>You have already won a CY award, the highest 'honour' AW has to offer built
>up over years of tradition... Do you not think it unfair that others would
>be denied that same privilege for their equally hard work?
>- Mark R

Since AlphaBit Phalpha requested not to receive any moe emails

Mar 15, 2005, 10:24am
Hear hear!

[View Quote] >Dear Imagine,
> Your letter summed it up and I agree 100%. Sure it 's disappointing to find
>a goal we all sought to achieve has vanished and of corse its painful for those
>who held this dream for a number of years, especially youngsters growing up with
>'winning a CY' a part of their future hopes. But as people who consider
>themselves capable of continuing the CY tradition, it's unseemly to trash the
>previous Manager out of grief at their ending.
> It's quite understandable and reasonable for AlphaBit to stop the CYs, when
>her participation is no longer possible. For anyone that creates and runs a
>program, their efforts create a reflection of their work. If the CYs were to
>continue under new management, using the CYname, they would still be associated
>with the previous Manager(AlphaBit), yet she would have no imput in the work,
>which would be attributed to her, because people would still associate her name
>with CY.
> It's better to reach into your own creativity and develop a new Award
>program. Obviously there's a lot of community support, so there should be
>participants willing to share ideas and help develop and run a new Awards
> Running a community wide program will require an ability to get along with
>others and maturity, while in a Leadership position. How one treats the leaving
>manager would be part of that. A Manager of a New Awards program would need to
>demonstrate integrity, fairness, good communication skills and a high level of
>good manners and character, since they would be representing the best of our
>community, while giving awards to the highest achievements.
> I wish the best to anyone willing to tackle the task of juggling
>personalities in the community, inspiring artistic achievement and awarding
>people with recognition for their efforts. Good Luck. And thank you again
>AlphaBit for doing all this in the past years. Best Wishes on your Future

Since AlphaBit Phalpha requested not to receive any moe emails

Mar 16, 2005, 9:17am
Because you probably didn't, but you are not the only inhabitant of
this universe :)


On 15 Mar 2005 07:31:43 -0500, "Strike Rapier" <markyr at gmail.com>
[View Quote] >I wasnt aware of me sending any obnoxious telegrams to be quite honest -_-
>- MR

Xelagot 3.610 available

May 5, 2005, 6:38pm
Added code to cope with the special avatars in the avatars.dat file.


Xelagot 3.611 - terrain bugfix

May 25, 2005, 6:45pm
This version has an important bugfix for people who rely on xelagots
for backing up terrain. More information here:



Xelagot 3.611 - terrain bugfix

May 26, 2005, 12:30am
This shutdown problem is unresolved as yet and affects all windows
versions, and has nothing to do with the SDK. Xelagot uses 3rd party
code for a few functions. One of the most annoying because it gives no
source code is the email code - provide by Delphi. I have a great
suspicion that this in combination with the delphi 5 compiler (also no
source code) causes to stop shutdown. This affects x1. It also affects
av99bot unless it is installed as a service using srvany (that forces
shutdow anyway, for good or for bad).

[View Quote] >Theres still that bug where windows doesnt shutdown while X1 is running X_X
>Or is that normal/a bug within the SDK?
[View Quote]

Xelagot 3.612 available

Jun 18, 2005, 7:30am
Bug fix in Action Script:



London bombings

Jul 9, 2005, 10:51pm
Possibly, London is the base where invisible local cells of these
criminals operate, and organised this mass murder. Not only London,
Amsterdam and other places have the same viral cells too, I am very
conscious of this here in the Netherlands.

It is difficult to analise, not to mention understand, what goes on in
the heads of these insane murderers. But one thing the Queen of
England said is refreshing, and at the same time confusing: we are not
going to change our way of life.

Refreshing because we should not reply to these insanities with fear,
that is what they want.

Confusing because a lot of the structures and attitudes we have are
feeding ground for these maniacs.

My condolences to the victims in the London attacks, and to their
families. My sympathies also go to the muslim community people who
have expressed the same fear, uncertainties and condemnation of these
barbaric acts as we have.

This is not about religion, this reflects an unbalanced world, where
counternatural acts are justified by some using religion as an excuse.
Murder can not solve the instability of the world we live in - mainly
caused by greed - it only aggravates it.


On 9 Jul 2005 19:21:33 -0400, "Strike Rapier" <markyr at gmail.com>
[View Quote] >It is not that we are not flat out rejecting everyone, more that we hope for
>your support in preventing things like it again - London and indeed all of
>England has been through it before in the last 10 to 100 years and London
>is, in many ways, the basis for most emergency response systems in the world
>due to the blitz.

Xelagot DeeJay utility-script: DeleteSpeakers

Jul 22, 2005, 6:25pm
There is a new zipped xelagot script at
that may help DeeJay bots to eliminate multiple speakers caused by
disconnections or crashes. It is called DeleteSpeakers. It requires
Xelagots 3.607 or higher. The DeeJay code has not been modified to
solve this problem, existing action script facilities were used


CY Comments?

Jul 23, 2005, 9:56pm

fair or not, as it IS a popularity contest, it's up to the people to
decide whether they visit a place and take a nominee seriously or not.
I got 3 times a CY, and was nominated a few more. Others who were
nominated never got the honours, even if their work was worth a lot.

It is useless to charge unfairness in this, as that is not the point.
A popular vote is NEVER fair, it follows a different path: people's
awareness, preferences, friendships, popularity, etc.

What would fairness be, according to you? I don't think ANY
competition is fair in absolute sense, if that ever exists. The
fairness of the competion itself is that the competition rules are
followed. All other fairness issues are subjective. A winner might
find that the competition was fair, a looser might feel just the

The CY is not a measure of your value. It is a measure of how SOME
others know about or value your work, rightly or wrongly. So don't
attach too much value to it. It sure gave me a kick to receive a CY,
but it has not made my work more or less valuable.

There is no judging in the CY awards, just votes. Democracy has it
shortcomings too (outcome of last US elections? - my sarcasm, hehe).

Hope you carry on your good work, Ciena, CY or no CY :)

[View Quote] >They were a popularity contest and not one single person even came to look
>at arabus which was nominated, so how can the judging be fair if no one even
>looked at it.

[View Quote]

CY Comments?

Jul 23, 2005, 11:28pm
If I am not mistaken, the first incarnations of CY were done with the
panel system. That was before my time (1999). By popular demand, this
was changed to a popular vote, as is now. If you try to change it
back, you'll be treading old muddy terrain and will have to remake
history :)

On 23 Jul 2005 20:59:44 -0400, "Strike Rapier" <markyr at gmail.com>
[View Quote] >I personally was thinking about the community votes producing the top 4, and
>a pannel chosing the winner from them. However if thats plausable or if LT
>would go mental is another story.

CY Comments?

Jul 24, 2005, 10:50am
That is in the rules and should stay. You may be refering to Xelagot
having got an award twice. I got contacted by a CY official about
that. I showed them the difference between the two xelagots, 1999 and
2004 (it's on a long list of What's New pages on the web), they
consulted internally and they agreed that it was not the same
achievement, although the bot is called the same.

On 24 Jul 2005 06:07:32 -0400, "Mauz" <mauz at my.activeworlds.com>
[View Quote] >
>That is also why I think that you shouldn't get a Cy
>for the same achievement twice, no matter how
>good and popular it is. Should that be in the rules?

CY Comments?

Jul 24, 2005, 2:11pm
On 24 Jul 2005 11:11:57 -0400, "Mauz" <mauz at my.activeworlds.com>
[View Quote] >Err actually I didn't remember that, good for you ;)
>I just recalled that years ago AlphaBit informed me
>that I had won a Cy for my website again
>(I'm still proudly wearing the 1999 award there),
>but she agreed to transfer it to the second most voted.
>Nice to have that in the rules now.

I was just using xelagot as an example, btw, the only one I knew of.
Every rule needs to be applied in context. However well defined the
rule is ("same achievement" is not really a well defined term in my
opinion, so my reasoning applies even more here), you will always need
some discretion when applying it, there are border cases that can be
interpreted one way or the other. But once a decision taken by the CY
commitee, it should be final of course.

I would suggest that this rule be applied during the nomination
period, before the CY awards go to the voting stage and are announced.
In my xelagot example, I had already received the award publicly when
someone complained that I had already received this award before and
so my case was investigated. This can be very painfull (for both
sides), even if the commitee approached me very tactfully and in the
end the decision was favourable.


CY Comments?

Jul 24, 2005, 2:48pm
Just to finish off my thoughts in this matter, here goes a general

There should be a way people can object to a nomination, for example,
because they consider that a CY rule has been broken, so that the CY
officials can investigate and eventually disqualify a nomination. Once
the nomination period is closed, the objection/investigation period
should remain open for some time. This is when rules such as "not
twice for the same" should be applied.

But like in weddings, there must come a moment when this
objection/investigation period closes. This should happen before the
voting/judging starts.

Only in the case of blatant fraud should people be excluded (or CYs
revoked) after the objection/investigation period has elapsed. Rules
such as "not twice for the same" could not be applied any more at this


On 24 Jul 2005 11:11:57 -0400, "Mauz" <mauz at my.activeworlds.com>
[View Quote] [View Quote]

where is for dll aw 4.1 ?

Aug 8, 2005, 3:19pm
[View Quote] >AWI a invité ou invitera quelques citoyens à tester il,
AWI a invité ou invitera quelques citoyens a le tester,

My mistakes are mine :)

where is for dll aw 4.1 ?

Aug 8, 2005, 8:00pm
Well, it's up to AW to decide who participates and when tests will
begin. As far as I know, SDK is internally in alpha and we will have
to wait a while for any public beta. It seems someone has lifted up
expectations about 4.1 coming soon. Don't expect anything in the
short term, wait until AW feels comfortable about the 4.x development
and makes announcements about it: it is in the drawing board stage at
present I guess :)


[View Quote] >oh thank :)
>contact me for testing :)

BETA TESTERS needed for Xelagot 3.613

Sep 8, 2005, 9:37am
I need volunteers to beta test xelagot 3.613 (a 3.6 xelagot). Previous
versions were compiled with Delphi 5, this version and future versions
with Delphi 7. Lock-ups have occured in the alpha 4.1 version of
Xelagot (which is also compiled with Delphi 7), and I need to test the
3.6 version thoroughly to make sure the Delphi 7 compilation is not
causing this.

Testers will be required to run X1.exe in the main universe (or other
3.x compatible universes) for long periods in all sorts of areas,
preferably but not exclusively areas with lots of events (chat, avatar
movement, etc).

You should do a fresh install (do not overwrite existing versions!)
and have enough bot-allowance to run at least one instance of this

If a crash occurs (typically, the user interface freezes), open the
Task Manager and take note of
(a) the memory usage [Mem Usage column]
(b) and CPU Usage [CPU column]
Details such as what the bot was doing, what was happening in the
area, was it in Global mode, was it running a script, did avatars
enter or leave just before the crash, how long did it remain alive
before crashing, etc, can be very useful. You could also take a
screen capture of the xelagot main screen (this can provide
information). Report each crash separately by email, with any
attachments needed.

If no crashes occur within a week of testing, then your job is done
and you can send an end report.

DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST, as it is crossposted to many newsgroups.
Contact me by email from a valid email address and I will send you a
copy of this xelagot version.

Report crashes and your end report, as well as your request to beta
test, to this email address, with a subject line such as "x1 beta

xelag at 3dee.nl


Xelagot 3.614 available

Dec 27, 2005, 11:17am
Bug fix in Action Script, see


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