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Multithreading Tutorial (Was to be "Is there a wait command?")

Aug 1, 2002, 6:58pm
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This one can be accomplished by using the function Sleep() unless your bot has a GUI, which complicated things.

use Sleep(5000); to wait 5 seconds.

- Faber

Full navigation and click in Front view map of Xelagot

Apr 28, 2001, 1:41pm
"xelag" <xelag at 3dee.nl> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3ae9cca5$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> I more or less finished the code for the Front View map, see below :)
> http://www.imatowns.com/xelagot/

A Screenshot of a frontview map would be appreciated :)


Xelagot chess-bug fixed

May 2, 2001, 5:29pm
Hmm, a question comes to my mind.. .why does Xelagot have check-mate verification code and a chess script ?

Wouldn't either a) the bot do chess without the need to be scripted to it or b) (preferably) a chess script also include the
check-mate verification and therefore be the only thing needing an upgrade ?

Just a thought :)

And yes, i still do question your versioning scheme :) "2.9999991" can't be called a version number, i'd say :)


ps: no offence intended !

"xelag" <xelag at 3dee.nl> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3aec7af1$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> A rare random bug in the check-mate verification code of xelagots caused
> some games to deadlock (check was being announced instead of check-mate). I
> found and fixed it (hopefully). The current chess scripts are ok, but chess
> players should download and install the latest version (X1 2.9999991 and
> Av99Bot/SrvcXlgBot 2.991).
> Sorry for the inconvenience.
> XelaG

Preston question....

May 17, 2001, 4:12pm
I am assuming you use Preston 33.

Enter a regular entry to your dictionary that puts up the sign. Then right-click that new created event and select "add sequence".

The new action edit dialog is now attached as a sequence to your sign action. Adjust the settings so that this second entry creates
a sign as well, and click "OK" to save these changes. Now the dictionary display both entries in sequence.

In response to KAH: 2 exact similar event settings are not possible in Preston. A new entry having the same event would overwrite
the old one.


"mike zimmer" <zimmer at pitnet.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b02fcfa at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> Is there a way to make Preston do multiple things with one saying. Such as
> /create mission1, I want a sign to be created that explains the mission and
> a sign that says we are currently playing mission 1 at the same time. I
> would really like a response. Thank You.

Preston question....

May 18, 2001, 12:37pm
"kah" <kah at kahbot.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b041508 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> really? in the older versions, you can add a spoken command [botname]
> versino and it says both...

Well, you can add a sequence to the build-in version command.

Besides that, the "read-only" feature of version and owner suffered more than once from bugs that allowed their temporary
replacement or removal.



May 17, 2001, 4:16pm
I just have to add that these advertisiments for preston are in no way caused by or associated with imabot.com.

nayr: Please refrain from advertising Imabot's products. Your spamming and repeating harms both the newsgroups and the products.
Thank you.

Faber, author of Preston

"n a y r" <Ryan_N_B at hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b031799 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> The new Preston has been released! it has a new tray icon and more Please
> reply here for info or download it at www.imabot.com!
> n a y R

Yet another good Preston question....

May 18, 2001, 12:38pm
"mike zimmer" <zimmer at pitnet.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b04509f$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> Is there a way i can make Preston teleport a person to a place when they
> come in range of the bot if they are not on my ppw?

No. Preston does not apply events to people based on their privilege setting.


Bots you can "ride" in

May 19, 2001, 8:52am
"ingiebee" <ingiebee at hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b05e383 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> Hi, I was wondering if Andras or anyone else has gotten around to creating a
> bot.... such as a boat, car, airplane, whatever... which can be "entered"
> and will transport a rider (or better still, riders) to another location.
> Having acutal control while you ride in the thing could be really cool too.

I was trying such a thing as an experiment on the "daniel" bot in awgames.

I can command a daniel instance to "carry" an avatar around, but net lag causes this to be a very bumpy


Bots you can "ride" in

May 21, 2001, 2:20pm
"ingiebee" <ingiebee at hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b08ef4c at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> Hummm, what is a "daniel" bot? Is it one of your own that you are working
> on, or is it one that is available that you are "tweeking"? Sounds
> interesting, even if you can't control where it goes yourself, it would
> still be cool if you could "ride" it. Thanks, Ingie

Its a awgames stationary bot, made by me. i usually use it to test out stuff.

Catch me while i am online, and i can arrange for a ride in awgames :) *grin*


Silly Preston...

May 22, 2001, 3:48pm
This turned out to be a uniserver glitch yesterday. It did affect other bots too, not just Prestons, and according to an Email from
Roland, it should be fixed.


"mike zimmer" <zimmer at pitnet.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b098b1c at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> I was logging in my Preston bot today and when i clicked on Start Bot a
> error box came up saying
> 05/21/01 16:37:53: Unable to teleport into position (reason: no connection)
> I am connected to the internet and I checked everything and it is correct, I
> am trying to log into AWTeen. This is the first time it has happened too.

Passing a Variable to a url

Aug 4, 2001, 7:22am
Well, if your ASP page understand the "GET" method you can just add those variables to the url



"scifair" <bkondracki at hotmail.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b6aed13$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> Does anyone know of a simple way for me to send a variable to a web browser
> when pulling up a url from a bot? For example aw_url_send just lets me put
> in the url, but I need to be able to send a variable (such as to an ASP
> page) so that a slightly different page could be opened depending on the
> variable. This is for a bot that I am writing in c++ if that makes any
> difference.
> Thanks in advance,
> Bogey

anyone know?

Jan 17, 2002, 8:33pm
A prestion version that can change skyboxes and is also able to use the 5x5 (200m) query area will be out in about 1 or 2 weeks.


"data21" <dbmiller at kiski.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3c433766 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> anyone know when the next version of Preston will be out? this latest
> version dont know what a skybox is hehe its changing the lighting fine, but
> no skybox changing.


Nov 1, 2002, 7:25pm
As i telegrammed you today, your observation is correct and it will be corrected in the next preston version, which because of that
will be delayed for a couple of days.

Which means it will be released at some point in november, i guess in the next 2 weeks or so.

- Faber

"ds saber mage" <brandon-smith at kc.rr.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3dc1b7eb$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> Hi everyone! Just thought I'd check out dese tight lil newsgroups =o) well i
> was just stoppin by and wondering:
> 1) Yeah its a list but keep on reading ^_^
> 2) On a preston i want to make it so that when someone says something, the
> bot whispers something to a CERTAIN PERSON. Believe it or not i am sure that
> this is not possible... so if it isnt just a reccomandation for the next
> version ^_^
> 3) A reccomendation for the next prest, allow ppl to use like some sort of
> "if, then" statements, like a code action ex:
> If (%r = Password) {actionfield at obj = create sign | descriptionfield at obj
> = Hi} lol i know that sounds kinda advance but itd be nice just to have like
> a button at the bottom of a dictionary definition that lets you input code
> like that... ya know create ur own lil programming language for the presty
> ^_^ well anyway, i dunno if faber even posts here but just sayin
> 4)Does Faber ever go on AW anymore?
> Aight yeah thats my list lol so do the best u can to respond to this crap!
> laterz
> DS Saber Mage

Someone said something....

Nov 19, 1999, 3:50pm
well, i don't know who told you it, but i wrote a simple program capturing
text from the aw browser and reading it out
using Microsoft Agent..

i use it all the time, when you are used to it, you feel deaf without
it.... :)

I might turn it into a download able program, if so, look for it on
www.imabot.com, but if so a release would be weeks away.. :)

Walter aka Faber

agent1 <Anbugera at videon.wave.ca> schrieb in im Newsbeitrag:
38341b78 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> ..... that caught my attention. They told me that someone had been able to
> use MS Agent's to read the chat text. If this is true, please let me know
> I can try it.
> -Andrew Bugera(Agent1)

I wish this didnt have a worm. *dont open this message if over 1kb it has a worm*

Apr 8, 2000, 8:19am
And that was a valid assumption :)


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AW improvements list @ http://tnlc.com/eep/aw/improve.html for those who

May 4, 2000, 2:16pm
Well, a bot cannot pick up the current object selection of the browser. Therefore you would have to
communicate in a differentway to the bot which object to manipulate.

This would either require pretty bad interface ("Enter exact position and model") or a good
interface providing some graphical choosing method, say, a 2d blueprint of the world or so.

But i have the feeling both is not what you intendet :)


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Large object support

May 29, 2000, 2:41pm
I recently visited Mandalay and its the best world i ever encountered on aw.

The non-local teleports and forced collision detection with buildings and avatars are a must for
this world, as its really designed to be "real".


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Open Source Development

Jun 15, 2000, 2:46pm
I wonder why for Open-Source projects always only the successful ones are given as an example. The
most known bad example is Mozilla. Until yet, that group can not deliver. If they ever do, they will
deliver late, incomplete (licensing), <IMHO>and from what the beta shows, pretty ignorant regarding
at least one of the main systems they need to run on (i.e. Windows.) </IMHO>

Anyway, Open Source works only either if the project is small enough (that was the case for the open
source "prototype", fetchmail, but its not the case with AW) or if many decent programmers are
interested in developing it (which was the case initially for Mozilla, but not anymore, and which is
for sure not the case for AW).

I think the linux success is driven by one single goal: overtake windows. That goal is shared by all
linux participants. Windows is the enemy. If there is no such goal, then there is no group focussing
on it, everyone will have his/her own set of targets and priorities. I suspect if Windows fell
behind, Linux would suffer from that. Add this one to the reasons why Mozilla failed (when it
startet IE was not advanced enough to provide a feature and quality level goal for every
participant, now it would, but the inertia is gone).

An AW Open-Source would not even have this kind of focusing from the start. I like reality, others
like shoot-em up.. etc etc

It might be tempting to try and find a way which incorporates "best of both worlds", i.e. a
Management that sets goals and causes focussing, and thousands of programmers that do not ask for
pay. But didn't Netscape try exaclty that ? (and yes, Netscape was critized for doing so)


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Open Source Development

Jun 20, 2000, 1:31pm
[View Quote] Well, sure, comercial project fails too. All i wanted is to deny the claim "open source is the magic
bullet that solves all our problems": And how many SourceForge projects are already dead due to lack
of interest or focus ?

> Mozilla is a special case. Not only is it an enormous project but it started
> life as a propriety system that was suddenly opened up to the open source
> community. There were lots of initial problems surrounding the licensing and
> exactly how the project would be run. Having made that brave decision it was
> quickly realised that Netscape's code was a disaster and a completely new design
> was made. A rewrite has been in progress for over a year and the first
> checkpoints are being released. We'll see how it stands up. Other browser
> projects are also in progress that further complicate the picture. BTW very few
> open source projects ever give a release date, it's released when ready; unlike
> the all too often disasters arising from the deadline release dates of
> proprietary software.

AW would start as a propriety system that would be suddenly opened up to the open source community
as well. There will be lots of initial problems surrounding the licensing and exactly how the
project will be run. It will be realized quickly that AW's code is a disaster and a completely new
design will be attempted. A rewrite will be in progress for years, checkpoints being released... etc
..etc I think you get the point. AW is not the "model" for a good open source project. (I heard
Roland complain about a c++ template nightmare in the lifeforms code of aw browser)

which is
> An open source AW browser should fit comfortably in the small project scale. Of
> course if the RWX support libraries need rewriting that will enlarge it. In fact
> that may be a far better solution in order to have full access to that part of
> the system which at the moment is hidden and one that AWCOM has to pay for from
> Criterion.

So you agree that the AW browser does not fit into the small project scale ?

> Competition with windows is surely a factor, but there are many others which
> outweigh it IMHO, such as personal fun, learning, fame etc. It is far too early
> to talk about Mozilla's failure.

Yes, the fact that so many people participate is of course about fun, learning and fame. But the
fact that all those people focus on the same thing is due to Windows competition.

And i think Mozilla will only have a chance if District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's ruling is
implemented. (Which probably is a good reason why the Judge ruled this way :)

> It would be done by people really interested in VR and the AW environment.
> Luckily the AW staff are very involved with their work but they have such
> limited resources. An open source approach would add a lot of muscle and skills.

Yes, and no focus beyond "3d" and possibly "Community".

> Yes I agree, involving AWCOM would be important for the success of the project.
> Finding the right process is very important too.


Disabling HTML in Outlook Express 5/6

Jul 14, 2001, 1:42pm
I need an explanation

Usenet is based on an ASCII based protocol, just like email is. But just as in email, this does not force us into ascii display.

HTML-Messaging was introduced by Netscape, not by Microsoft.

But the explanation i need is: Why do the AW newsgroup have to take care of the fact that 2/3rd of the people in the world never
made a phone call ?

I mean, as the technology is progressing, we regularly raised the "lowest" standard, say, in screen resolution, bandwith, colors of
the display, speed of the machine, etc etc.

So why exactly would we exclude one single tiny bid of technology, the format of newsgroup messages, from this ? If your excuse of
people paying by the hour or having slow connection would hold, why do abuse departements not deal with colorful web sites ? Why is
streaming video still allowed on the internet ?

There is a well established standard of usenet and email encoding, its called MIME. It is well accepted, and every little HTML
message is encoded in MIME, along with its plain-text counterpart. That means that all that is asked from news readers is that they
are MIME compliant. They could easily strip out the HTML part then.

Every Newsreader that also reads emails IS MIME - Compliant as that is mandatory for emails these days. So its actually not much to
ask for, and i think the only non mime compliant news reader is free-agent.

That means that there is one single newsreader that has trouble with HTML messages. But, actually, thats not my concern. There are
also lots of people reading usenet on palmtops. Or have vision handicaps. I am really very sorry for those, but we cannot all
behave as if we were slow, blind, deaf, and read the newsgroups on 8 bit machines. There is no point in a backwards compatibility of
that kind.

I wish that people which complain about html would, after all, keep to the real arguments they might have. And the only valid
argument i have seen is that if everyone posted in HTML we would have a pretty mix of colors, fonts etc. But thats what real letters
make out. And thats what the web makes out. And thats somethign the usenet world could learn to adapt to if it were allowed to give
it a try.


"dabartender" <admin at hooverae.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3b4fc0f3$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
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Disabling HTML in Outlook Express 5/6

Jul 15, 2001, 11:56am
Do you know that 50% of all emails send out these days are spam messages ? And they are usually not even html.

Do you fight those ?

Lets keep an realistic view on things here, you are NOT fighting against HTML because of bandwidth problems. Right now we have,
what, 10% in html here ?5% ? And, say, below 100 posts per day ? And HTML puts what, less than 5k on a posting ? So you are
fighting for 5 * 5 = 25K traffic relief per day ?


"ananas" <vha at oct31.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3B508696.E722F76A at oct31.de...
> Short answer :
> to keep overall traffic low instead of wasting ressources
> without need
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Disabling HTML in Outlook Express 5/6

Jul 15, 2001, 2:01pm
"ananas" <vha at oct31.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3B51A73A.270D872E at oct31.de...
> Your calculation is wrong in 2 points :
> - the relation might be correct for plain html, no
> "stationary" and no other picture elements.
> But once it's open for HTML this will come too.
> makes 25K for a 2K message, especially as this
> is transfered uuencoded, 1/3 more size.

Why don't you draw the line there then ? Why insist on "no html". Just ask for "no stationaries, no pictures" then.

> - just for me, I cannot read the news during the week,
> that makes 500 posts. Although I have a 64kbit line
> my connection to the AW NG server is really slow
> sometimes, even goes down to about acustic coupler
> speed. DSL would not help when that is the case.

Well, thats why "no pictures" make sense. But i am talking about simple html. Simple Text-Markup.

If people would use simple HTML, but on the other hand not complain about it, the number of posts would actually
radically decrease. Ever thought of that ?

> Next will be JS or VBScript? What about HTML compatibility
> issues? Does everyone check his mail with validator.w3c.org
> before he sends?

Fine. Lets throw our technology in the winds. Lets stick to 1980 technology. Lets all revert back to green-on-black text, shall we ?
Lets forget about 3d-internet that aw is and meet in a pub, ok ?

Why this categorical denial ? It is not based on any logic argument. Draw the lines somewhere else, where they belong.


To all the HTML people...

Jul 14, 2001, 2:57pm
I would once in a while use html to have a posting that allows me to

a) emphasize a paragraph or a word, e.g. use BOLD instead of capitals
b) have a quoting separated by a different style to be easily distinguishable
c) use html - list tags for stuff like this

I am prevented from doing so because HTML is categorically denied. You may argue that some or even many HTML posts are bloated, look
like crap, etc etc, but thats not because they in HTML, thats because the guy writing it did not care about its looks.

However, this is also usually the case with plain text postings. They all usually "look like crap".

So my need is to have only a few formatting options available. No pictures, and only a few if any colors.

But all the time you run into people that full quote your HTML and add a "do not post in HTML". Those people are not considering the
content of your message. They didn't not compare message sizes. They saw something webbish and stopped reading and thinking.


ps: I have saved this email in a HTML format and in a plain text format. plain text has 3k, HTML has 6k. Your assumption of 20K
therefore does not hold.

"goober king" <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3B507562.49D4EDD2 at acsu.buffalo.edu...
> Let me ask you guys a simple question: Why do you NEED to post in HTML? What possible
> advantage is there to posting a 20K message that could easily only take up 3K? If you
> post a url in a plain text message, most newsreaders will automatically convert it to
> a link. And if you want to use pictures, you can easily attach them to a plain text
> message. So where's the advantage? What practical purpose could posting in HTML have
> that it would somehow enhance what you're trying to say?
> All I'm looking for is a simple answer. What practical purpose does HTML have in
> posting messages? If someone can give me a *valid*, practical reason for why they
> need to make a 3K-plain text post into a 20K HTML post, then I'll be satisfied and
> you'll never hear from me again on the subject. (And no, "Because it makes it look
> better" is not a valid response, since looks are in the eye of the reader. I think a
> lot of HTML posts look like crap, thank you.) I await your (hopefully) intelligent
> responses.
> --
> Goober King
> This should prove interesting...
> rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu

To all the HTML people...

Jul 15, 2001, 11:50am
My reply below

"goober king" <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3B50AC77.831E6647 at acsu.buffalo.edu...
[View Quote] No, they are not. It does not enable me to distinguish between a capital word and a bold word. or a word that has an underscore in
front and behind it, and a word that is underlined.

Using capitals, asterisks and underscores is something like adjust the human reader so that it understand the handicapped machine.
That was necessary long ago, it is not anymore these days.

You know that a hand written letter has far more styles (and people use them) then an ascii terminal ? Those techical limits that
were present 20 years ago are so artificial. There is no meaning in those anymore today.

- Pure Plain-Text is artificial. No HTML is artificial and outdated
- No Pictures, no binaries is artificial but valid for another few years
- No colors, no visual "junk" is a natural limit and never asked for. I do not know why.

> This can be easily done by placing a > character at the beginning of a line you want
> to appear differently. The newsreader will treat that as quoted text and will make it
> italicized, like so:

Yes, and if my text happens to have a > at the beginning of a line, as in

"The population used to be
> 10 million since the year 1999, but
< 5 million only 2 years before that.

Your newsreader gets the middle line of it all wrong. HTML would enable the proper machine-readable decoration of quoted text.

> If that doesn't work, you can indent with the TAB and separate it that way.
> You can accomplish the same thing list tags do by using the . character (Alt+0149),
> like so:
> Here's a list:
> . Thing #1
> . Thing #2
> . Thing #3

This, as the rest stated above, is a work-around, not a solution. No newsreader knows how to proper break lines properly.

You remember Eep fight for certain settings regarding line breaks in newsreaders ? He asks you to not limit your lines so
that the recipients newsreader can break the lines as they fit on screen. ? Did you ever notice that there are many others that
ask you for a 79 character limit on each line, so that terminals or transport protocols do not break ?

You know that HTML encoding would eliminate all of this, as it does not need simple carrige returns/line feeds as line breaks. It
breaks lines just as a web page does which has no concept of line breaks, all it has is paragraph separators.

The technology is there, only very odd, old and aritifical rules prevent us from using it.

> I will agree that most problems with HTML posts where looks are concerned are with
> the poster, not HTML itself. (see Wing's post with the nukes in the background...
> can't even read the damn text sometimes) I, personally, have no problem with HTML
> *if* there's a reason for it. All these fools in here posting in HTML simply because
> they can or because it pisses people off (Chuck, Brandon, KMissile, et al) are just
> childish and demonstrate a complete lack of respect for those less fortunate than
> them.

Now we come to an agreement. I agree that most HTML here is posted just to annoy people, and you may have realized, that I actually
never used HTML here. I would have, maybe once or twice in a month, but i did not because its not accepted here.

But I do question that behaviour, I do not see any reason for this categorical denial.

So why don't we change the rules from "no html" to "no bloatet messages, no binaries, and no intentional provoking".

> I was only using arbitrary numbers to demonstrate how needless it was to use HTML
> instead of plain text. Using you're numbers, an HTML post is still twice the size of
> a plain text post. Had a plain text post been rather long and about 10K or so, just
> imagine how big the HTML version of it would be! It's a waste!

Well, arbitrary numbers are pretty bad if you do not have support for them. My numbers showed a 3k plain text post to increase to 6k
by using html.
That does not tell if the size doubles, or say, if the size just increases by 3k. a 10k message might be 13k in HTML, we do not

I think that the numbers are in between, it might grow to 15k or 18k, but even if. 20k is not much these days, and you don't need
HTML to reach it. A nice little full quote does it too.


Copyright question

Jul 26, 2001, 4:22pm
You might want to notice that its actually

a Copyright, not a CopyWrite.

Its your right to control who may copy what you created. The copy right.


"goober king" <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3B605878.180B7AAA at acsu.buffalo.edu...
> To answer the first question: Just make something. As soon as you finish something,
> it's copywrited. And the only time copywrites even matter is when someone else says
> "I made this!" when, in fact, *you* made it. You just need to be able to prove that
> you made it first.
> As for the second question: Start one! :)
> --
> Goober King
> If no one told people how to do business, do you think they could figure it out? :P
> rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu

Copyright question

Jul 27, 2001, 1:15pm
Its little simpler even:

a patent applies to a method, while a copyright applies to an implementation.


"goober king" <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3B615DE3.88021993 at acsu.buffalo.edu...
> There's a difference between a copyright and a patent, though. A patent is mainly for
> inventions, and lets the creator of that invention make, use, and sell the invention
> however s/he wishes. A copyright, on the other hand, is for *anything* that can be
> made, whether it's books or art or music or whatever. It's main purpose is to tell
> the world "Hey! I made this and you didn't!" Some people try to use a copyright to
> restrict distribution of their works, but that's just plain stupid. :P
> But still, you can copyright *and* patent something, but it's usually not necessary.
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--==USW Web-Site==--

Oct 20, 2000, 9:17pm
Sorry to disappoint you, but i would not thank your webmaster if i were

My personal oppinion:

1) he put up a rediculous warning page as if you were about to enter an
adults only area
2) your home page is not a home page but a navigation help page, pretty
3) your Webmaster has a a Spelling Problem (capitalization)
4) your longer texts (e.g. CHALLENGE) show that your webmaster used a way
to TINY font that noone can stand for more than 3 lines of text.


"-=[Anduin Lothar]=-" <uswf at centercom.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:39c8b706$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> The New USWF Web Site is now up and we'd like to thank mj for his great
> in making and being the webmaster of it.
> Get the latest information about the USWF and also check out the
> section of the site as the USWF starts up a new challenging and
> system more like a Role Playing Game of Real Life.
> www.geocities.com/uswf_head
> Regards,
> Anduin Lothar

i miss 3.1

Jan 17, 2001, 3:40pm
Well, and being polite once in a while is no option i guess ?

Even in your speech where you complain about him not inviting you to his
beta list, you can't stop insulting him. It does seem he deals very good
with it... apparently better than I do as I do not seem to keep my "ignore
eep" up...


"eep" <eep at tnlc.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:3A64EAB5.5EF44C53 at tnlc.com...
> Exactly. Take Young Phalpha. Who the fuck is s/he? I've never heard of
him/her before since perhaps a couple months or so ago...and I've certainly
been using AW longer (summer 1997) and have been beta testing AW for almost
as long too, yet that unexperienced twirp makes the closed beta over me??
The only reason Roland didn't "invite" me is because I give him the
straight dope without all the fluff and ass-kissing most people give him.
He simply can't handle the ONSLAUGHT of my dead-on RIPS of his pathetic
coding attempt that he'd rather simply not even deal with me at all, which
is also why he mutes me at TechTalks and doesn't respond to my telegrams.
He's had his wittle feelwings bwuised by the truth and now can't build up
his self-esteem enough to deal with it. Pa-fucking-thetic.

how incompetent can AWCI get? god damn...

Feb 7, 2001, 4:35pm
"eep" <eep at tnlc.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:3A80A0DE.E211ABB3 at tnlc.com...
> There isn't? How about posting a newsgroup post first? I was still able
to READ the newsgroups; the problem was in POSTING to them. Had there been
a message from you or some other clueless AWCIer about the newsgroup
POSTING problem, I would not have had to email AWCI "support".

What irony.. .besides the bad manners and lack of knowledge.... even logic
seems to be absent. I could not resist to point this out. If posting to a
news server is not possible you cannot post a message to it that posting is
not possible. You have to fix the server first, and have to use another
channel of communication such as the web. Its simple logic. Must be
difficult to see while trying to shoot down your enemies.

But nevertheless, you seem to have a fan out there in the universe. After
all, imitation is the highest form of admiration and appreciation, right,
I.A. ?

Faber :)

Opinion and Fact

May 6, 2001, 10:10am
"wing" <bathgate at prodigy.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:3af49d82 at server1.Activeworlds.com...
> 6kb is six times the size of a normal root thread. It stacks up...
[View Quote] LOL, this is incredible...

whine about a 6k html posting, while at the same time FULL QUOTING the post you reply to, inflating your little sentence to


ps: no offence intended, but this really had no valid point in it....

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