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Nov 17, 2000, 6:29am
You should always validate your html over at the World Wide Web Consortium.

The url is:

If your html validates correctly at W3C to your chosen DTD, that means
that your HTML is coompletely standards compliant, and that's as good as
it gets. With standards compliant HTML you should be alright in most

....and while we're on the subject of DTD's, there's no such thing as
HTML 3.2 Transitional (and also points this out). If
you're handcoding your site, you should use the new XHTML1.0
Transitional or even better, XHTML1.0 Strict. (XHTML1.0 is basically
HTML4.01 reformulated in XML)

The biggest problem on your site is your use of IFRAME. Skip it. (frames
generally suck and iframes suck even worse, since they are a MS creation
and not supported by most other browsers)

Kind regards,
Dennis Plougman Buus
Email: dbuus at
ICQ UIN: 342364

Testing news reader

Nov 16, 2000, 7:19am
The choice of theme shouldn't have much of an effect on your
performance, particularly since you didn't "disable" a theme, you just
chose a different one (the one that looks like Netscape 4). Of course,
some themes could be slightly slower than others, depending on the

However, If you want something faster and less memory-hungry(and
basically the same), you should try Mozilla proper instead, since
Netscape6 is at least a month behind at any given point (they have to
spend time putting in their proprietary stuff, like AIM integration, and
they don't always use the bug-fixes that Mozilla gets)

So, if you're a bit more adventurous, go to and get the real should get a nightly build, since these are (obviously) the
most recent, and most of them are much better than Netscape 6.
You can always get the latest nightly build here:

Of course, seeing as these builds are from the main mozilla trunk and
are always compiled every night no matter what, you might be unlucky and
get a build that's unstable in some way....of course, then you just go
back and get a new nightly in a day or two :)

For those of you who are wondering exactly what Mozilla and Netscape 6
are, and how they differ, go here:

Denedes =)
(posted with Mozilla build 20001114)

[View Quote] >
> Please ignore this, I just installed Netscape6. At first it was laggy
> as all get out, but that was because Netscape decided to include this
> funky "skin" with the program. I disabled the skin and went back to
> classing mode, and everything's fine now.

Kind regards,
Dennis Plougman Buus
Email: dbuus at
ICQ UIN: 342364

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