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Jul 14, 2000, 9:54am
I am mad because a friend of mine came to GZ in Alpha worlds tonight was
was ejected 3 times by m0e . In whispers he told her he knew she was xav
,,this person was not xav and I am really mad . someone please do
something about this


Jul 15, 2000, 4:48pm
oh..I don't think there are deaf ears anywhere in eject a tourist
that has landed at gz in aw just for the simple reason their isp is not known
or looks like someone elses or whatever the reasoning behind the almighty
m0e's happy not reason enough to eject and does not follow the
guidelines set by awcom. Noone desearves this treatment whether it really be
xav or just an innocent mass lady . but as m0e says to me ..I am
clueless...and is now calling me a liar ...thanks guys for the replies :)

october.rwx: Warning: No context for transform command (line 3)

Dec 23, 2000, 6:32pm
what does that mean ? october.rwx: Warning: No context for transform
command (line 3)

october.rwx: Warning: No context for transform command (line 3)

Dec 24, 2000, 12:43am
thank you Just in :)

[View Quote] > Hi Ladybunny
> The most likely reason is that the October Avatar has
> "JointTransformBegin/End" commands throught it. Using a decent text editor
> will make a one step search and replace with blank for you to fix the
> problem. Alternatively you could run your avatar through Accutrans.
> PS: Modelling questions might get fast replies through the "worldbuilders"
> newsgroup.
> This is taken directly from
> The following RWX commands are not supported in Active Worlds 3.0. If used
> in a RWX file they will be ignored by the browser. Additionally, some will
> generate a warning if the Object Errors option is enabled.
> AddHint
> Hints
> Include
> IncludeGeometry
> IdentityJoint
> JointTransformBegin
> JointTransformEnd
> RemoveHint
> RotateJoint
> TextureDithering
> TextureGammaCorrection
> Trace
> TransformJoint
> Regards Justin

User dismissal vote

Feb 8, 2001, 10:23pm
LadyBunny 277170 STAY OMG !!!!!

I only wish I could contribute to aw what eep has .. maybe we are talking about
2 different people here ?!?!?

[View Quote] > This post is to vote upon the dismissal from this newsgroup of the user
> "Eep".
> This user has been a source of continuous harrasement, abuse, slander,
> derogatory remarks, personal insults and defamitory insults.
> The user has been given many avenues to redeem himself in the eyes of the
> newsgroup community, and has been given many opportunities to show himself a
> decent, productive and respectful member thereof.
> Thus, it is the wish of AWCI, to put forth a vote to have the user Eep's
> priviledges of posting into this newsgroup, removed from him for the
> foreseeable future.
> AWCI has full authority to ban such user as we see fit, as he has
> continually violated the charter that he agreed to follow when posting into
> this newsgroup. In order to set a new precedent of community interaction, we
> have decided to leave this matter up to the community to decide.
> There will be one vote per AW citizen, and it will be an open vote. Votes
> will be posted in response to this post, and will be tallied in 24 hours
> from the posted date of this message. End results will be binding, with no
> further discussion entered into - as this is an open vote, the talies will
> be able to be viewed by all members of community.
> Votes are to be cast as one of two choices
> To have Eep remain int his newsgroup, please vote as <citizen name -
> number> -"Stay"
> To vote to have Eep removed, please vote <citizen name - number> - "Remove".
> In making your decision, please review past posts by this user, and use them
> to make your best judgement on the matter.
> As the initiator of this vote, I begin the tally by casting my own, as an
> Activeworlds citizen.
> Facter 159952 - Remove.
> The voting has begun.

Backdrops for new version

May 20, 2001, 6:19pm
I just read where the newer version of aw will use objects for backdrops
.. does anyone know more about this. If aw won't be useing the old type
backdrops then theres no need make anymore , so could someone explain
what sort of texture the object will use and the size? thanks
ps. I tired posting to the beta but it would not let me so i didn't know
where to post this ,grrrrrrr !


May 21, 2001, 1:14am
sorry, i didn't know there was *wars* going on in this newsgroups . I
appreciate the info from the ones who answered my post . i am also sorry
for the inconvience it has caused Just In :)
have a great day all


May 31, 2001, 1:21am
well billybob i guess i am just bored tonight but i went and read your other
[View Quote] > This is a possilbe world theft alert. My world(Billy!) is being hosted by
> someone who is not suppose to. Only two people have the password and
> settings to my world, one i know is not hosting, the other is not on AW at
> this moment. If ANYBODY has the power to contact AW Server HQ ASAP, please
> do so, tell them to cut the connection with whom ever is hosting on my go,
> just in case that someone who is hosting has stoped and my world is back to
> normal. Either way, this is possibly a world theft and hack. I want as many
> people as possible contacting EVERYBODY about this. Thank you.

and for the life of me I can't understand anything you said LOL glad the PK
could and whoever else read it :)
hope you learned a lesson and know who IS hosting your world LOL and why in the
world did you give 2 people your world password ? hmm *shrugs*
( i can see you giving them ED but your world password? )

[View Quote] > Ok, here is how it goes. My world is back and running. I did contact PKs,
> including Baron. MY pass was changed and I did contact AWCOM. I wanted
> everyone to talk about this cause if AW ends up with 1000000 in their email
> box, BOY are they going to do something. So this not only was a way to get
> my world back in order, but a way to stop the hack who has been doing this.
> I have learned from one of the replys to my message this happend to them, so
> I would suggest an alert of a hacker or virus. Most likely a virus, being
> that a hacker would take more then a single pass. Well I'm not pointing
> figures or saying "BOMB!" on a plane, but this is a precaution we must take
> all you world owners.

No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 8:22pm
I read in some post in the last few days that unless your a citizen of
AW you can't post here ,why not? some of the people I know in AW are
tourist who live in areas where they can't afford to pay for AW but come
and build each day and are very much a part of the AW community ?

No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 9:02pm
sw ,don't you allow tourist to build in your city? are you saying just because
they are a tourist they are no gooders , spammers etc?hmm

[View Quote] > It's a price to pay to keep spammers, commercial advertisements, or
> "no-gooders" out of here I guess, at least some of it.
> --
> SW Comit
> swcomit at
> Mayor of SW City
> President of Community Linkage Commission
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 9:04pm
I realize there are certain advantages to buying a citizenship. I can imagine
what it would be like to include *tourist* in here because I really don't see
any *Luxurie* to posting here !! This is suppose to be an information and help
like desk isn't it ? hmm

[View Quote] > They are not allowed to post because it is something included when you buy
> you citizenship. You buy your cit to send telegrams, build without worry of
> deletion, joining etc. Newsgroup posting is one of those luxuries. Oh man,
> I could only imagine what the newsgroups would be like if TOURISTS were
> allowed to post. I don't think I would even bother to read them...
> --
> Syntax
> syntax at
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No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 11:04pm
well Marcus ,*degrades you *--theres too many features such as mute and not
allowing join to allow anyone to degrade you. As for porn your complaining to
the wrong people ,PK do not delete porn , or anything else for that fact, you
have to submit a request to GET at
I don't want to relieve my *worries* by finding another program , i happen to
like AW :)
You are right that each can decide which post to read or not . Also i think
there is a point in this. Tourist can read here your right but many *tourist*
could have some valuable input *shrugs*

[View Quote] > There is no point in this, I tried to talk to Activeworlds about the very
> same thing and they are too stuck up the ass to do anything for the
> citizens. When someone degrades you and you complain to them, they do
> nothing. When you see porn in Active Worlds areas where kids can go, they
> do nothing (and AW don't respond with "did you ask a peace keeper" because I
> did a lot of times giving them coordinates and world name). When you even
> try to submit a group event, organization, cause, whatever to them they
> don't respond. This is basically useless, and when they treat me as much as
> I have seen after just 4 months of using their services, I suggest you
> relieve your worries and find another program which will care about you and
> your concerns.
> After all, it doesn't take a genius to come up with the idea to put a
> tourist newsgroup up and limit the rest to citizens. If people don't want
> to read the posts, then they just don't click on them, that simple.
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 11:08pm
hi tyrell :)

but lets not take away what little benefit Citizenship offers for the
sake of those who don't support AW (with their money - for whatever
(valid or otherwise) reason)...

ok ,,lets not even bother to ask them to join AW or by them a
citizenship either , eh?? well , not me ,i happen to like seeing
*tourist become citizens when they can *afford* to , glad this isn't the
street of NY and we are talking about Bums starving here :) Lets all
just stick our noses in the ground and pretend we are so powerful
because we are citizens!!! :))
[View Quote] > Hi ladybunny...
> I'm going to have to wade in with my take on this issue. I stand
> behind not allowing Tourists to 'post' in this NG. As has been pointed
> out prior, with Citizenship comes extras, one being the ability to add
> your voice to the NG. I see no reason to take this away from those who
> wish to support AW with their $20. (and, yes, I realize there are some
> folks who just can't afford the $20 a year to become Citizens... well,
> I can't afford a 'big screen TV'... life's full of hardships... :-) )
> It's my understanding that even tho' one can't post, one still has
> access to what others have posted (they can read the posts), so the
> argument about ' information and help desk' support is invalid. As a
> 'non-citizen', however, one still has the option to reply directly to
> anyone posting so if they wish help it's an easy matter to get it.
> (aswell, of late, getting any 'information or help', of worth, from
> the Group strains the legal definition of the terms... IMHO :-) )
> I'd have to agree with you about the 'Luxurie' (sic) of posting here.
> Quite often it's like wading thru' a swamp... BUT it's 'our' swamp.
> I'd wager that within a month of opening the NG up to Tourists we'd
> have a thread about wanting a 'Citizen only' Group... I'v no problem
> with a wide open Group... but lets not take away what little benefit
> Citizenship offers for the sake of those who don't support AW (with
> their money - for whatever (valid or otherwise) reason)...
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 11:10pm
hmm ,well i never saw all those argument :)
to be honest i haven't seen a good argument on this either not one person has given me a answer that makes sense about why a tourist
can't post here.

[View Quote] > I believe we went through these same arguments once, twice, twenty times before. Just concider it getting access to one more feature
> with your $20.
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 11:18pm
ban a citizen from the newgroups? who in the world would they ban? and why? if
its for language i have never seen such abuse of the english language as in
this newsgroup! if its for *behavior * i have never read such fighting back and
forth as here LOL ,,hmmm *rolls eyes at why anyone would be banned from here !!

[View Quote] > I'm not positive about this....but I believe the reason Tourists can't post
> in it requires a citizen password so that if someone wants to ban
> a can be done by citizen info.
> I think that it's not a special priviledge but a control thingy?

No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 11:27pm
goober ,,you know i am not a boy !!! :) i am not pointing fingers i just
wanted a justified answer as to why no tourist could post here !
The community organizations you speak of could be questioned as to being run
by the average *Joe* LOL
I don't have a problem with how any are run becuase actually i have other
things to have problems about not a bunch of volunteers who have nothing
else to do but sit and Play at the computer all day .
I also think AW has been involved many times with *your* towns in aw , your
town connections are everywhere and listed on many awld sites. so not sure
where you get off saying thats all your presented with.
Why would you give the tourist their own newsgroup when this one already
exists? thats like sending a child out to pee in the yard when you got a
bathroom in the house :)
hmm *shrugs*

[View Quote] > Down, boy, down! You're pointing your finger at the wrong people. AWCom
> does not equal community. The community organizations like the PKs and
> AWEC and the rest are run by Average Joe Citizens, not AWCom employees.
> If you've got a problem with how an organization is run, take it up with
> the people running the org. The extent of AWCom's involvement in the
> community is prizes and PS rights, and that's about it. Granted, that's
> not the most ideal of situations, but it's the one we're presented with.
> And frankly, I think the tourists *should* get their own newsgroup. You
> can even call it the "Newbie" newsgroup, for all I care. But it should
> be easy to set up a single newsgroup where anyone can post about
> anything at all. (Doesn't even have to be about AW) Think of it as a
> WildAW of newsgroups. Perhaps it could even take the place of the
> long-lamented Test NG.
> Thoughts Facter?
> --
> Goober King
> Proof that Goobers ARE as dumb as they look.
> rar1 at

No tourist allowed?

May 30, 2001, 11:30pm
so?? and *law-abiding tourist?? LOL does this mean that to post here we as
citizens are law abiding? :) hmm *shrugs* again

[View Quote] > SW Comit isn't saying that all tourists are no-gooders or spammers. He is
> saying that spammers and no-gooders will have free access along with the
> law-abiding tourists, should anyone be allowed to post here.
> SW Chris
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

May 31, 2001, 12:04am
too simple Tony :)
there is nothing in the awld conduct guidelines that states of guidline
behavior for these newgroups. I copied and pasted all guidelines and did a
search for *newgroups* and none was found.
Therefore is this newgroup an *anything* goes? Then whats the problem with
tourist being able to post here?
As for banning since there are no guidelines how could you ban someone with
nothing to show them . Isn't that like arresting someone for going into the
wrong bathroom when no signs are displayed saying which is which :)
*shrugs* again

[View Quote] > they can simply ask their citizen friends to post for them.
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

May 31, 2001, 12:50am
hi rehabber ! well ya never know who might poof in here :)
I never came here a *few years back* nothing here interested me lol
I was way too busy building when online and trying to learn all I could about
making a world. Maybe I was a tourist then ! who knows *shrugs*

[View Quote] > Tourists used to be able to post here... actually a few years back,
> anyone was able to post here. I like the citizen only rule and yes it
> has definately cut down on the spamming. Flame wars are a different
> matter hehehe.
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

May 31, 2001, 1:35am
did I ever say I wanted to *put* up with spam ,please don't type words into my
post (mouth ) whatever ...
and do you think I could possibly ever in all my years of living have the
knowledge to even TRY to set up a newsgroup? LOL you don't know me very well :)
i leave that junk to the puter nerds and such ! or the Morons of cyber space ,oh
, i am NOT calling every online junkie a Moron btw :) but if the shoe fits
,,hey! wear it lol
and if limiting the access of this newgroups to citizens only makes you a happy
camper :) then I hope your roasting marshmellows and weinies :)
cause thats the price as a paying customer is willing to pay!! right SW? lol
(you must never surf the web , spam capital of the world )

[View Quote] > I understand your concerns, but if you want to put up with spam and any
> "moron" tourists (again, not saying all tourists are this way), set up your
> own newsgroup. I myself don't want the spam that most other newsgroups get
> plagued with. If limiting the access of this newsgroups to citizens only
> keeps the spam and most morons out, then that's a price as a paying customer
> I'm willing to pay.
> SW Chris
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

May 31, 2001, 2:08am
hmm i am taking note ,i didn't see a trail of the thread and still don't not that
it matters to me !!

"This specific
newsgroup (community) is not meant for tech support or things of that
then why at the end of your thread did you request thoughts from Factor? isn't he
tech support? oh maybe i am wrong again :)
*shrugs* (btw i was not mistaken in your connections with AWLD. The newsletter
being one as you say is surely AWLD . but I am too tired to arugue the point LOL
so i will say goodnight and rest well knowing how much you citizens here are so
strongly against a tourist posting here :)
Too bad many tourist now were the ones who made your objects and many programs you
use daily here and made many things possible for aw to even exsist *shrugs* damn,
maybe i need to reread the AW history again while you guys prove that statement
wrong too LOLOL ciao
(sure am glad I know these urls

[View Quote] > Umm, you'll notice I was not replying to your post, I was replying to
> marcus. Please note the trail of the thread.
> Still, since you seem to insist on my answering your original query,
> here's my answer:
> As others have responded, these newsgroups are just another perk of
> being a citizen. Everyone, including tourists, can read what goes in the
> NGs, but only citizens can actually post messages. This specific
> newsgroup (community) is not meant for tech support or things of that
> nature. It is merely a forum for members of the AW community to share
> information between themselves, discussing events and exchanging ideas.
> If a tourist wishes to contribute, he/she'll either have to pay the $20
> or have a citizen friend post for them.
> Now, don't get me wrong. I think the whole citizen/tourist distinction
> is idiotic. Since it's obvious our $20 don't actually give us any say in
> much of anything, you might as well go back to making citizenships free
> and everyone would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that's not
> the way things are. The way things are is that citizens get more perks,
> (these NGs being one of them) and if you want access to these perks, you
> gotta pay up. Asking "why?!" isn't going to change anything because many
> before you have asked the same question, but to no avail.
> And I believe you're mistaken about my "town connections" being involved
> with AW. The only truly AWLD project (that's actually run by AWLD staff)
> that UTN is associated with is the AW Newsletter. All other
> organizations are run by citizens. (Info Squares by Bille, ComReg by
> various citizens, AWEC by Coryashire, etc) None of them are on AWLD's
> payroll, therefore they are not AWLD orgs. The only thing AWLD did for
> them was supply them with a world and webspace. They do not actually
> *run* the orgs. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that point.
[View Quote]

No tourist allowed?

Jun 1, 2001, 5:55pm
nornny I read the charter here thanks to Tony

too bad it gets broken everyday
I am sure *quiet* places and *survivor games* help newbies and other citizens
alot :)not to mention personal attacks and flames .. but its been interesting to
ask one question here and see so many diverse answers :)

an effort to dispell a rumor going around awgz

May 31, 2001, 1:26am
you guys are too much LOL ,,haven't you ever heard the saying , never believe a
btw ... is this the rumor patrol now ?

[View Quote] > Most likely they've been hoaxed as well. A newbie cit perhaps. This email
> has been floating around the last week.
> SW Chris
[View Quote]

Advice for tourist

Jun 1, 2001, 9:43pm
ok according to the charter I can post about this here *
involving PeaceKeepers and GateKeepers. Suggestions and tips for
this was chat at gz , and a PK telling an obnoxious tourist (Bond)asking
for "sick stuff" in aw. I took offense at the world the PK told him to
go too as the world in question was not only started by an AWLD employee
but has many good build INCLUDING one of mine :) and so why is a PK
telling a *tourist* to go there for sick stuff. ??? *rolls eyes* sorry
Flagg but this is not the first time i have seen Wildaw mentioned in
this respect. I not only think PK should not advise where *sick* stuff
is located but should refrain from egging someone like that one in open

"Bond": How about some sex everyone
.. .: the new thing that tells you exactly where you are lost
Fizz: k
HECKUBUS: but IM not above nailing a barely legal one...heh
"Bond": doea anyone know where to find some sick stuff here?
LadyBunny: oh i got that on my car
Peacekeeper 13: You could try Wild AW Bond (this was in bold)
HECKUBUS: A man like me NEEDS a barely legal squeeze
Bluescruiser: Anywho... time for RL.... see ya later
LadyBunny: Wild aw dosn't not have sick stuff
HECKUBUS: wild aw?

Advice for tourist

Jun 1, 2001, 10:25pm
*smirk*???? what does your responce have to do with my post? Stay on track or
don't respond to my post. ( oh we can mute here right!!)

[View Quote] > Too bad tourists weren't allowed in the Newsgroups, eh? *smirk*
> --
> Syntax
> syntax at
[View Quote]

Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 3:48am
awww thanks for clearing all this up for me :) I am kinda *off* too LOL
thanks for your email gonna share it with come friends :)

[View Quote] > It has nothing to do with the post, it was just a joke. I don't know, but
> some of your arguments here in the NGs are kind of "off". Like, tourists
> can't post in newsgroups because they can't. PK13 pointed "Bond" to WildAW
> for "sick stuff" because that kind of "stuff" is allowed there. He wasn't
> specifically talking about your build, or my build there, but he was stating
> that you COULD possibly find something "sick" there, such as the numerous
> Satanic worship sites or what have you. Oh, and if you have a problem with
> the PK's, take it up with them. I believe...or you
> could even telegram any of the many PK's in world and discuss some of your
> concerns/problems.
> --
> Syntax
> syntax at
[View Quote]

Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 6:55pm
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

salute jfk2 ,AYE AYE Sir !!
[View Quote] > I suppose you have been to all the worlds in all of AW and have seen all
> the really "SICK STUFF" your self? no! Am i correct? of course!
> Maybe that PK 13 has seen a build or two in WildAW... Haven't you noticed
> that entry signs when you popped into WildAW? never been there!
> What does that mean? all balloons fly high?!?
> Could there possibly be somewhere way off the beaten path a build or two
> that the PK 13 knew about as being BARLY LEGAL STUFF "SICK STUFF"... possibly!
> He could have sent the person to AW & Pink Villiage as well..where they gay?!?
> Or PRIDE WORLD... (oh) They have some BARELY LEGAL "SICK STUFF" things as
> well...(your hollaring at me!)
> But maybe that PK 13 isn't into that type of BARELY LEGAL stuff is he only into
> Legal sick stuff? and wouldn't
> have a clue to Pink Villiage in AW or PRIDE World...barely legal?
> I do...sicko! and i would have said go there. figures !
> And i even have on my REMEMBER TELEPORTS LIST a site on AW that teleports
> you to several WOWOW!!!!! BARE LEGAL ANYTHING i bet you do!! are you a sick
> too??sites all over AW and
> one of them is Pink Villiage in AW. you sure have a hangup on pink villege!
> But that tourist didn't use any
> SWEAR or CUSS words [or did you leave some of that browser chat out of you
> post here] no! and with what you posted here that PK 13 didn't do anything
> wrong
> wheather it was BOLD SPEAK or not bold speaking. are you sureeee?
> And the last time i poped into WildAW...ah It was a PUBLIC BUILD PLACE
> for TOURISTS & CIT's and is 1000 km nswe big. Just like AW [alpha World]
> is a public build place. really??? And you don't seem to mind what goes on
> sure about that??!
> Why should you mind what goes on in another public build world either. maybe i
> have a large nose?
> If you do mind... There is another few recourses you have...this sounds like
> the military LOL
> 1 - BUY your own world & you can decide what is permissible builds
> and none of them would have to be "SICK STUFF" i already have a few ! want me
> to buy another???
> 2 - There are several universes out there now that you could go to and build. i
> built one whole universe isn't that enough??
> [My best one would be Dreamland Park Universe as their worlds cost the same
> as AW's & the cit's cost the same too] AND you don't have to worry about
> some PK ANYTHING in BOLD SPEAK say anything to a tourist... There are
> NO PK's IN Dreamland Park Universe... YET!!!!! you sure? was last time i
> was there bout 2 years ago LOL
> SICK STUFF = Generally refers to SEX STUFF and that is most likely what
> LadyBunny is so upset about... SICK STUFF why are you talking to about me as
> if i wasn't here????
> But when you build in a world where the signs clearly state at the entrance
> that ANYTHING GOES... Well... Just don't be toooo surprised to see some
> SICK STUFF happening on that world. maybe you should talk to Flagg about the
> sick stuff or does he even talk to yu!
> TO see what i mean... POP like snap crackle? into WildAW and you will see all
> the signs
> and messages about that world within a 5 - 10 meter nswe of GZ. you sure like
> to hollar alot you training to be a pk?

Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
<i><font color="#FF0000">salute jfk2 ,AYE AYE Sir !!</font></i>
[View Quote] --------------0853846A3C498B48A7CF515B--

Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 10:17pm
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

[View Quote] > and behavior rules. It was created because Flagg and a few citizens created it
> to have unmonitored chat. (adults sorta like that ya know)
> might not be
> into
> don't agree with you here and never will ,sorry !
> So
> this either !
> eh? Many of the top
> LOL Many non trouble makers and polite people have
> made
> with this nonsense? lol
> ok Moff , even though i strongly disagree with most of what you have said here
> , its your right to express your thoughts and its my right to say I disagree.
> I guess no matter what someone says to a tourist and how they are treated in
> AW is ok with you and most here . If i was in a position of *pk authority* and
> ask by a toursit where the

* sick stuff* was i think i would try another approach like maybe explaining
to them that aw has worlds with different ratings etc and let them explore.
Don't forget the many Xrated world most of which are closed. The problem here is
I have seen too many PK's making fun of the fact
a world made by AWLD was created with no chat moderation ,period. You and many
here have turned this all around and are trying to make the one incident ok by
saying in essence no matter what a PK does, its ok!! so i see i have wasted my
time here trying to make a point about a world that AWLD made for many adults
who were just sick and tired of chat monitoring by anyone. I stand by the many
beautiful builds and unmoderated chat this world has to offer and the next time
i hear a PK shoving that world down someones throat trying to be a smartass
about *sick*stuff don't worry i won't post it here and bother all you fine
people :)


> ***Fun Fact!***
> I actualy sent this to ladybunny instead of the forum because I'm not smart
> enough to tell the reply to author and reply to group buttons apart.

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<br>***Fun Fact!***
<br>I actualy sent this to ladybunny instead of the forum because I'm not
<br>enough to tell the reply to author and reply to group buttons apart.</blockquote>


Advice for tourist

Jun 3, 2001, 12:57am
you have no clue as to my history of likes or dislikes so stop reading more into
a situation. Topic closed Moff

Advice for tourist

Jun 3, 2001, 12:59am
you have no clue as to my history of likes or dislikes so stop reading more into
a situation. Topic closed Moff

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