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Y2oOo Goes Public!!!!!!

Dec 30, 1999, 1:29pm
You read right!!!! Y2oOo will be open for public building January 1st

Lots of (ummm) lots are available!
Now this dessert World is open to all.
If you wanna have a temple, MOSK, pyramid, u name it. In an authentic
dessert setting, you cant get any better than Y2oOo.
Please go to for more
or email ZeRo at the Y2oOoa community center at: y2000a at

Hope to see ya building soon!



Jan 2, 2000, 1:21pm
wow Jan 1st 2000 what a day in Y2oOo history!!!
In just one day, actually in a few hours, we went from one citizen in
our community to about 10 ppl building all at once, with live coverage
on "edTV" ( ).
we have lots of space left in our desert community, and we hope that
everyone can stop in for a visit.
Thanx so much to everyone and their support!
"Y2oOo we are the future"

ZeRo- World Owner

Y2oOo and new obj

Jan 17, 2000, 4:55am
With many thanx to the AW Webring...and the internet, we have aquired
many new textures and obj in Y2oOo.
So come get a lot of land, and create a home in our desert world!
Population 21 and climbing.
If you havent already come, check us out.
Plus Just Nick of America fame has built an Astounding Bungee in Y2oOo
as well!
Come see us today.. dont dilly dally..
get goin....

Wonders of the Worlds

Jan 19, 2000, 4:14pm
Y2oOo has all the Wonders you could dream of. 70+ meter high pyramid..
underground rivers, gardens, Kings Tuts Last Bungee Jump... Kings tomb
and more and more...
(This was blatant advertsing brought to you by Loser Brothers
Productions, and Y2oOo. "The World Between Worlds")

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Y2oOo Update

Jan 20, 2000, 3:37pm
Heyy Lookit us! Y2oOo has hit 25 citizens in our desert community and
growing fast!
Thanx again to all who have come to settle here.

For the rest of you that are not convinced yet...
Go see our web at:

Bug in yer ear!!!

Feb 1, 2000, 5:50am
Currently on your World List you will notice right above Y2oOo
(, is Y2oOob.

That's right the sister world of Y2oOo is being built as we speak.
Taking Y2oOo's Egyptian theme to a further level. With 100's of custom
textured objects and tons of building space, plus the same Unique
Egyptian setting Y2oOo has become known for!

Keep an eye out for postings to come, including exclusive opening dates,
and a Y2oOob Egyptian Build Contest!

"Y2oOo, We are the future!"

Y2oOo Back ON-LINE!!!

Mar 23, 2000, 12:21pm
After being struck by vandals more than 2 weeks ago. Y2oOo is officially
back ON-LINE.
With a very special thanx to Andras! Thank you Andras and as well thanx

Anyone interested in acquiring plots of land please notify me, via tele,
or email y2000a at

Also the Y2oOoB World Contest is about to start as well. Watch this
Newsgroup for details!!!!!!

Vandalizing Questioned...

Mar 24, 2000, 3:41am
what my problem was, was as a world owner, i hadn't set up a registry.
So that meant Users could come in and build on top of other peoples
builds (encroach).
Now that I have the registry done, I am no longer in such danger (thanx
to andras again for the reggen).

Vandals=1 Zero=2.... why 2, cause 1: ya cant do it no more, and 2:
'cause i caught ya in the act and ejected your A.. umm butt.

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Y2oOob Ancient Egyptian Contest!!!!!!!!

Mar 24, 2000, 3:42am
Starting friday evening at 7oopm Pacific time. I will be accepting
entrees for the Y2oOob Ancient Egyptian Building Contest!

The contest which runs from March 27 till April 7th will be open to all
registered citizens of AW.

The winner recieves a years citizenship!

This contest is unique because the world is not open to the public, and
will not be open to the public till April 7th, when Building stops and
the Judging begins.

So entrants have an exclusive premier to all the goodies Y2oOob has to

For all the super details please go to:

Y2oOob Contest Extended!

Mar 28, 2000, 1:25pm
Because I started up the entry of the Contest rather abruptly.
I am extending the entry deadline to Saturday April 1st.

If you are interested in entering the Y2oOob Ancient Egyptian Contest
please go to:

I would be grateful if you are not interested, if you would pass this
post or URL onto a friend who might be.


Y2oOob Egyptian Build Contest Underway!

Apr 2, 2000, 11:59pm
Y2oOoB Grand Opening Contest!
Win a Years FREE Citizenship!
The Contest is Now open, and all contestants have entered! We will NOT
be Accepting any more entrees.
The Grand Opening will be on April 22nd (which also is Earth Day!)
Contestants will stop building the 21st!
The World will open to Public and Judges on Saturday April 22nd!
Contestants are:
Lady Anne
Event Horizon
Soul Man
Zach Cool
Lollypop o
CDrummer o
We wish all of you the best of luck!

AW related/ .wav compression

Apr 8, 2000, 12:04am
Does anyone know of a .wav compression proggy? I need to bring down the
size of .wav files.
Thanx In advance

Word Owner Chicken Lover

I HAVE SOMTHING TO SAY PLZ READ THIS imagine plz also read this

Apr 10, 2000, 11:04am
Well put ! Imagine has helped me out an awful lot too.
Her tutorials I was walked through with her, even before the web page
was finaled.
She is a godsend to us in Aw that need help.
Ppl like her are the true nominations of the Cy awards.
Someone who isnt so wrapped in themselves to lend a hand to someone who
might not understand.
And as for spell check, screw em.. they thinkk they are better than all,
and just dont know the answers, so have to make a mockery out of ppl.
Hey my netscape spell checker spells worse than i do.

Sorry others were too into themselves to lend a hand.
Hope it didnt jade you to much


"Y2oOo, We are the future"

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Video , Is it possible to Capture good video in AW?

Apr 15, 2000, 3:35am
I can look for an Aw friend who had a kewl program i lost, and I can
never remember the name (dang it).
if you can get ahold of a AveryKey, they transfer CPU to Video crisp.
but they are expensive.

I'll see if I can get a hold of the program i used to use, for you!


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Video , Is it possible to Capture good video in AW?

Apr 16, 2000, 11:22am
the averys we use at work, we are using with pc not mac.
and they work very well (dependant on vcr/tape qualities) though as i
said expensive.
I am still waiting for my friend to get back to me.
thanx for hangin in!

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Video , Is it possible to Capture good video in AW?

Apr 16, 2000, 5:25pm
yup itsa hypercam! thank you TRC!
Addy is:

its a trial but works great, its only $30 to purchase!
have fun, hope it works like ya need it to!

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Apr 17, 2000, 3:47am
I agree. most ppl though change their nick to like SOANDSOAWAY
I had sent a request to the BETA group for even an option to hide, or
block teles, I know some women (& men) can be berated by perverts,
annoying ppl and whatnot.
Try posting your request in the BETA group TRC.
Although with all the 3.0 bugs write ins, I don't know if they would
even ponder it.
No one said didly 'bout my request.

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ISO a dedicated reporting staff...

Apr 21, 2000, 10:47am
want to cover my grand opening of Y2oOob on Saturday?

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Y2oOoB Grand Opening!!!

Apr 19, 2000, 8:33pm
This Saturday! finally opening to public, Y2oOob.
After 3 weeks of their intense building, the contestants finish Friday
night, and then the World opens to you the public on Saturday.
Come visit Y2oOo's Unique sister world!

here's a small glimpse at Y2oOob:

Thats THIS Saturday! Easter weekend!!!!

"Y2oOo we are the future"

Y2oOoB Opens tomorow 6PM VRT!!!!

Apr 22, 2000, 1:41am
At 6 PM VRT is the official opening time!!! Come gather at Y2oOo ground
Zero then rush the gate, as Y2oOob opens to the Virtual World
Fesitvities all day ALL night! Explore the world.
View prime AW free real estate in one of AW's most unique world

here's a small glimpse at Y2oOob:

Thats THIS Saturday! Easter weekend!!!!

"Y2oOo we are the future"

Special Unveiling Ceremony

Apr 22, 2000, 11:31am
Meet in Y2oOo at 5:55PM vrt, to then go forth at 6PM into Y2oOoB
For a special world unveiling!

we will all congregate at ground z in Y2oOo, then at 6 sharp the gates
to Y2oOo will open and you will be able to explore!

Please come join us, if not then, then later hehehe


Aww No Cy? Thats ok we have Friends!

Apr 25, 2000, 2:52am
Y2oOo Community friends, you may take note that this email is joined
with the Y2oOoB community. :o) Its a great union.
With the contest builders and the new citizens of Y2oOob, we have a pop.
of 16. With the population of both worlds combined a total (guestimate
hehe) of roughly 51+ citizens. Which when you figure both Worlds are
only Ps16's (only 16ppl at a time)51+ builders is a good figure!

I am ecstatic at the response we have received from both worlds!
Thank you all for coming to our Worlds, and i can only hope you will
stay a long long time.
Please, I ask you, take your time building, relax, mingle at ground Z,
get to know your neighbor.

Also...for our new citizens of Y2oOoB- Go explore your sister world
Y2oOo. There are many many features there, Bungee jumps, a river boat
ride, galleries, and ancient kings tomb, and 30 some builds of your
family from Y2oOo!
Remember Y2oOob is an extension of Y2oOo. So its all our world!

Also, for entertainment, each and every Wednesday Night at 1100PM VRT,
in Y2oOo our Caretaker for Y2oOo and awesome DJ Fender Strat, will be
Hosting the Y2oOo Rocks party! So come meet neighbors, friends, and
chill, rock, request.
Do what ya feel! Its our time to celebrate!

Now, sadly for some disappointing news :o(
because it was leaked to me, I will leak it to you.
Y2oOo, did not receive any Cy awards this round.

But its ok, Cause I know and I hope you know too, that Y2oOo and Y2oOob,
are the most Unique, Coolest, KICKin' ASS Worlds in the AW Universe.
So if popularity to them is a rwx figure. Lets make our award, Our
friendship. Our happiness, and our enthusiasm to have fun!

Thank You Thank you all.....


"Y2oOo We Are The Future"


Apr 25, 2000, 8:57pm
I post this on all newsgroups, cause I want people to know, maybe even
some of the AW owners will see.
Yes I know it is out of place in some posting rooms

It is with the most regret that i write this post.
I do not know if it will even make it on, here due to the nature of it.

I am sad to say, that after many, many fone calls to AWcom. Myself and
another have been ripped off.
This is what i am lead to believe, after we have ordered two AW
T-shirts, and none have arrived, but actually 1 shirt. Though we are
charged for 3 shirts.
I would have expected that AW was a lil more trustworthy over a couple
of AW T=Shirts than this.

All calls and emails, and promises of return calls have been ignored.

Tom has not helped us, and none of the other staff at AWcom seem to be
able to do much either.

This is really disappointing, not the fact that we didn't get the
shirts, but that a company that has been so good, and so promising
should let us down like this.

After buying two worlds and a couple years of citizenship's, this is the
return that you get.
it is really sad.

I do not wish to return my worlds or cits. i do not wish to defame
Just let other citizens know, DO NOT ORDER ANY MERCHANDISE FROM AWCOM.

This is a sad day.


Thank you

Apr 26, 2000, 3:02pm
Thank you to Rick knoll (spelling?) for the qwick and easy resolution to
this issue.
Thank you to you in the newsgroup for support.

I didnt post this as an attempt to make them come about on the issue, in
fact i am not sure if AWcom even saw this.

And to Myrth who felt I was "melodramatic".
We'll.. shoot I still can't think of anything to say to this guy.
Myrth its just when you put money and trust in to something, and then it
doesnt give you back a lil, it does kinda piss you off/hurt.
It may not to you, but thas your problem.
PLus when you pay money for something and you dont get it, its not good

thank you all

awmonopoly has been shut down

May 7, 2000, 9:49am
wow, I am sorry to hear this.
it must have been a popular world for Hasbro to have heard about it, and
writ a cease and desist.
I have wondered when or if major corps would stumble upon our virtual
worlds and scour us for infringements.
I have noticed some worlds have avatars that are characters that could
be considered copyright infringement. As well as large pictures and
whatnot. I think we have to remember, no matter how small or big we are,
Major Corps are waking up to the Net and cracking...Nay Smashing down on
some not only Pirates, but innocent people. Who are just trying to
broaden the Horizons of the Net.

Again, sorry to hear this.

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Fake Cys

May 17, 2000, 10:01am
yes, we are entering into the realm of law and the internet.
Nothing is copy written because we write it, or say so. Nothing is copy
written if you mail it to yourself in the mail and not open it.
I am by no means advocating this. Right now it is common courtesy.
If you say don't take this or more than this, well then we deal with
ignorant people, who do steal or take items.

Some people learn html code by "stealing source code" from amateur to
professional internet sites. Are they stealing?

its a tough call, even my world Y2oOo, that we have made custom textures
for, and a group of other worlds, have been robbed of our "exclusive"
custom textures.
This person gives no credit to as where these textures came from.
They are on a AW site:

As for Fake Cys... well the committee and the recipients know who won
If someone thinks they are kool modeling their fake Cy in their world.
Sure go ahead. The Ppl who know they didn't win it can laugh and scoff
at them for being ignoramus'.

We will just have to buck up and realize, that nothing is sacred and on
the net, its a free for all.


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May 18, 2000, 3:30pm
Just out of curiosity, but if and God forbid for your sake, AWCOM goes
under, what are all you poor saps goin to whine about then?
Will we find Eep on irc, whining that the text scrolls by too qwik?
Or will all you guys join up on everquest getting your ass' whipped
Just was wondering.
I await the on slaught of negative, narrow minded, long winded replies


May 22, 2000, 11:16pm
Hi, this is for the Curator of this newgroup, can you set up and AW
slag, or AWwhine page?
This is getting back to where we were like a year ago, I actually
thought they used to censor all the slag fests that started in here, but
now I guess not.
Not condoning censorship or anything.
Just maybe, when someone, (since its most popular lately) like say Eep
or someone slags, rips or insults someone's work or ethics or grammar,
and this isn't just for Eep.
That maybe the curator could "edit" the degrading feature of said email.
So that only the important and imperative aspects can be read.
If say, the email is just slander and insults, don't post it at all.
I like information, Not trash.

Fake Cy's Must Be Stopped!

May 25, 2000, 1:09pm
Virtual beheadings! have those guilty be brought before a virtual
guillotine and beheaded!.
Or maybe virtual burning!
Like the inquisition.

tie the cy thief to a pole and light em up!
Smelling the burning vertices and polygons in the air, will ward off
other vile villains.

In all seriousness, is it really that important? This is a virtual
universe, with virtual accomplishments.
I have been nominated a couple times, and ppl tell me right and left i
should have one.
But i don't steal it. Its good ppl think it means allot, but really...
Its just virtual.
I could essentially hold my own awards show for a bunch of universes,
"unsanctioned" by AWCOM. they could be bigger better awards.
But what's the worth, Ppl who didn't win would just steal em.

Face up, look away form your PC's for a sec, look out the window, lookit
the real world...

Step away, then come back and realize, its just VR bottom line

Thanx for coming


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May 30, 2000, 3:12pm
Not that you should take my word on it... But this is one of the most amazing
ineractive worlds constrcuted yet!
The thought and the time put into this is incredible.
I implore anyone to try the test of this world.
It is astounding and impressive!
Go for it!
Cheers to you Lady M


[View Quote] > Samurai has a new theme and look.
> Search an Egyptian ruin
> for the secret of the pyramid. Have fun. ;o)
> Best regards,
> Lady Murasaki of Samurai

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