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RC Version

Nov 8, 1998, 10:28pm
I'm trying to make a DJBot with a GNU C compiler and I keep
coming up it a RC_VERSION_MISMATCH when I try to log the bot in my
world. How do I fix this?

RC Version

Nov 9, 1998, 9:54pm
I've d/l the latest files of SDK and recompiled the bot and it still comes up with the
same problem.

[View Quote] > Make sure you are passing AW_BUILD to aw_init. The aw.h file and the aw.dll file must
> be the same version.
> Edward Sumerfield
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Help please

Nov 16, 1998, 8:11pm
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Well, Ed, like I said... this example is very old... so, obviously will
need to be modified to run...
have fun..... :)

[View Quote] > If you code with this sample make sure to remove the "#define AW_BUILD
> 5" from the .c file. This define exists in the aw.h file which is the
> one that should be used.
> Further GNU information exists at
> http://members.xoom.com/esumerfd/ActiveWorlds/AWSDK.htm
> Edward Sumerfield.
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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
Well, Ed, like I said... this example is very old... so, obviously will
need to be modified to run...
<br>have fun..... :)
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Nov 16, 1998, 8:08pm
Something else about this problem. I've been running my bot pretty much
all afternoon, but every once
and a while, the bot will kill itself dumping to core, even when nothing
has changed in his surroundings... the core dump reads:

(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) Exception trapped!
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) exception C0000005 at 10047A35
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) exception: ax 339CF958 bx 339CF958
cx 339CF958 dx 53
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) exception: si 253F898 di 15 bp
253F6AC sp 253F6A8
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) exception is:
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) Stack trace:
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 0: sp = 0x253F3B8, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 1: sp = 0x253F4DC, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 2: sp = 0x253F500, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 3: sp = 0x253F598, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 4: sp = 0x253F6AC, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 5: sp = 0x253F8E4, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 6: sp = 0x253F8FC, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 7: sp = 0x253F968, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 8: sp = 0x253FB14, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 9: sp = 0x253FB28, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 10: sp = 0x253FE0C, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 11: sp = 0x253FE18, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 12: sp = 0x253FE28, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 13: sp = 0x253FE38, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 14: sp = 0x253FF78, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) frame 15: sp = 0x253FFF4, pc =
(E:\ACTIVE WORLDS\SDK\DINGO.EXE 1000) End of stack trace (more stack
frames may be present)

Now... the meaning of this, to me, is absolutely nothing....
Can you guys tell me anything?

[View Quote] > Further to Walter's comments. It is your operating system giving you
> this error. Your program is trying to write to memory that it is not
> allowed to. It was kind enough to create you a core file which can be
> used to work out where in your code the problem occurs (as long as the
> corruption was not to bad).
> Bottom line, as Walter said, your code is wrong, post it and we will
> take a look.
> Edward Sumerfield
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Having a header problem

Mar 7, 1999, 3:15pm
I kew that....I don't know why it's doing that.....the coding should work

[View Quote] > if it helps anyone, reason 444 is RC_NOT_INITIALIZED. No clue myself cos I
> don't actually program SDK bots, and only know a bit of C/C++...
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