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Nov 16, 1999, 7:33am
I am sorry If I am breaking some kind of rules here by posting this, but I
seriously feel that this is yet another mistake on the part of Active Worlds
(AWCOM, COF, whatever..) The newsgroups should be for everyone to share,
not just citizens. Does anyone else agree with me that this citizen only
feature is a bad idea?

New Citizen Login

Dec 15, 1999, 8:57pm
It isn't - you cannot post unless you have a citizen name and password.

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:-(.. I'm in Berlin and it is 1989...

Nov 19, 1999, 7:23am
I think we need to consider starting an organized group of people who
intelligently address the problems the awcommunity is facing. With people
like jetta interested, and if we could get the support of others, we could
start a respectful group that tried to get changes made. This would NOT
involve bashing PKs for no reason, slandering employees of COF, or the
company itself. It would incur taking an active effort via telegrams,
e-mails, posts, builds - whatever we can do to bring this community to where
it needs to be.

Anyone interested, and I hope some of you are, please pass this along to
your friends (tourists welcomed to join, all they need is an e-mail
address).. Telegram or e-mail me (or reply here if you are interested.) If
I get a few people interested (which I hopefully will), we can create a main
build in active worlds and a website, and brainstorm some ideas for
community reform. I would also like anyone who has a good name for the
group to come forward and offer it.. Possibilities I was thinking of are:


Thanks for listening to me!

Jude Hazard

Staduim for Theater

Dec 30, 1999, 1:29pm
I would be interested in building a stadium or arena for your community
theater. Please let me know.


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