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Please read / AW HACKED

Jul 13, 2003, 5:18pm
So you mean like Windows, Baron ?
In general I agree, of course, it's like viruses and trojans people execute
from their e-mail every day, but I think it was already stated that the
only bots used came from trustfuly resources.

"baron" <pk39srt at hot[youknowwhat].com> wrote in
news:MPG.197bd07bb02394029896b3 at

> In article <Xns93B7957BE65AFCatherine at>,
> removethisailleurs at says...
> There is a simple fact that everyone working with computers should
> understand; If you run someone's code, the programer owns your
> machine...simple as that. The only way around this is trusting the
> source (or writing your own software), no one can do anything for you
> if you run malicious code.

World hosting and free downloads

Feb 18, 2002, 4:19pm
- Professional world and bot hosting
- Unique features and services including artwork protection*
- Dedicated servers
- Reliable network based on Cisco systems
- SSL payment

- Free rwx
- Free backdrops
- Free textures
- Free e-mail account with anti-virus protection

And other goodies like a color converter (color into RWX, HTML and RGB

*Only for avatars, models and textures (except backdrop) directories

Calling all PHP'ers...

May 24, 2002, 9:35pm
"robbie" <robbie at> wrote in
news:3cee3816 at


A simular script already exists:

A possible way to scan for a virus is to use any scanner which can be used
from a shell commandline and which does not systematically return 0 after
This could be done with an exec() instruction (if authorized). Check the
return code of the scanner as criteria to process or delete the uploaded

PS, PHP versions <= 4.1.0 appear to have a vulnerability in the upload


> Hey all,
> I am creating a new website much like objects d'active worlds where
> people can submit objects and avatars which will be put up for
> download. However, rather than do everything manually I was wondering
> if there are any PHP programmers out there with the experience and time
> to donate to creating a simple SQL system for searching, adding and
> viewing items.
> The result? A simple yet useful website allowing object creators to
> submit content, for world buildrs to search through and download
> completely free.
> If there are any programmers out there that have the time and are
> willing. E-mail me at: robbie at
> Thanks,
> -Robbie


Feb 13, 2003, 8:48pm
New tutorials have been added :

* how to convert your 3D objects into RWX files
* how to make a seamless cloud texture with its mask (Photoshop)
* how to make nice terrain textures (Photoshop)

The free textures section has been updated and three new categories have
been created : "doors", "seamless clouds" and "water".
A doors category has also been added in the free RWX section.
They all have their axis in order to work perfectly with the "rotate"

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