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Reassignable keys for Building

Jul 26, 2005, 2:42am
Cant you just plug a foldable keyboard in?

<no subject>

Jul 27, 2005, 8:43pm
whats "pipe dreams"

Directional Axis

Jul 26, 2005, 2:41am
I would like a way that you can shift and adjust the axis of a build
anywhere within the object, or outside within reason. I would like that
personally because it would get ride of cracks for me, as my computer is
slow and has cracks all the time on my builds.

Notice of name change.

Dec 21, 2003, 5:41am
Greetings, I am Ci, Redneck Bob, I was formerly known as Seiya Faye and have
attempted to make many new names, I decided I will make a final name change
and call myself Seiya, it is actually the Japanese name for Sayer, which is
a guy's name, I believe it has something to do with stars, a Japanese
interpretation to that effect. So I would be very grateful for those who
could adjust to my new name, thank you

Notice of name change.

Dec 23, 2003, 4:40am
AS has always hated me, she threw the first stone long ago when we met, and
has never turned back, you cannot expect someone to change their mind or
forgive, because it is a humbling and hard thing to do, and few people have
the strength or willpower to do so, it is easier to pick up a stone and
throw it. AS did not 'figure' me out, I sent off e-mails to everyone letting
them know I was a guy, I changed from the person I once was, and all these
rumors about me being so evil and wrong are nothing more than twisted
rumors, I am not innocent AW saint, but I am a changed man, and people will
not forgive or accept that, because their pride blinds them.

It must also be understood, that all of these people that claim I am so
evil, have had just as much or more on their behalf, and are too childish to
see someone trying to make a change. So AS, if this is really something you
want to degrade your reputation with, then be my guest and realize arguing
will get you nowhere.

TheBeans Competition -- Castleville

Dec 28, 2003, 8:14pm
Hey congratulations Just In! Glad to see some real talent winning lol, hey,
just curious, what place did I get in if anybody knows?

TheBeans Competition -- Castleville

Dec 28, 2003, 8:58pm
Thebeans 77n 21e 1a

Theres my entry, I found out I didn't even make 13th place I dunno, guess it
wasn't good enough.


Dec 30, 2003, 6:06am
My gosh what is wrong with you people, yeah maybe he was an ass towards us
all, but your no better then him, why not show a shred of being a better man
and at least leave him be, it will only make things worse doing what your

How to handle this idiot. (read me matt)

Dec 31, 2003, 7:00am
I agree with Robbie 100% and a few more if it was possible, I dunno if M A T
T is reading this thread or not, but i'll let you in on my story. You screw
it up the 1st time, you can kiss your reputations ass goodbye, I done my bad
here before, smaller things than you kid, I apologized, and give it all I
got, and still nobody forgives or accepts me.

And I be glad that I learned this lesson in a chatroom rather than in real
life, but i'll tell you something else though contrary to what Robbie said,
yeah, you wont fit in the AW clique, but theres others out there the same
way, like me, and even though you can never be trusted or accepted again,
you can change your ways andeven though everyone wants to take you down, you
can know your doing the right thing, cuz i'll be frank, and i'l ltell
everyone in this room, I done my bad, but I had you guys screw me over worse
and at a larger and more repetetive scale than I ever had or would have
done, so yeah I dont approve of what M A T T has done, but if he ever
aplogized or tried to change, I would be the 1st to accept and help him
back, and anyone for that case, dont matter what you did, everyone deserves
a 2nd chance cuz we all screw up, online offline, wee all guilty.

Flame me if you want, but thats what make this community so bad, is that we
take things so seriously and cast out those who have done wrong, or those
who yu dont understand, what made this community great is that we are all
pioneers to a virtual world, and what do pioneers do? They stick together,
Lewis * Clark expedition, they stuck together for the most part, I aint one
to claim omniscient over what AW needs, but I tell you this, work on the
community 1st and foremost, not on irrelevent matters, but on the community,
its dying and thats whats keepign us alive, patehtic we are, thank you.


ps, anybody out there been outcasted like I have from the community, and you
done bad and changed, come to me, I'll accept you and be your friend.

What happened to the contest worlds?

Jan 20, 2004, 4:30pm
Years ago when I was a wee virtual lad I remember a place called 'awuniv2'
where they had a monthly building contest and the winner would get a year
extension, it was all professionally done and was alot of fun, they
cancelled it and then a couple years later, or last august, they came out
with 'awcontest' which was sponsored by aw and didn't even see the end of
its first contest, it is kind of depressing, and I am not sure why they took
these away (other than the wide assumption of price hikes) because I myself
and I know alot of others enjoy the spirit of 'controlled' competition and
would really like to see a place where they had something offiicial and
monthly or something, all we currently have is small private contests that
dont allow everyone to join due to prejudice. I would love to see something
official much like awuniv2 once was. It would challenge people to wanna
build more. What are your guys thoughts on this?

What happened to the contest worlds?

Jan 22, 2004, 12:42am
I've only won 2 contests and a cy award. Anyone can win if they want it
enough... I lost because I was going easy on everyone yeah, yeah thats it
lol. =P


Jan 30, 2004, 1:19am
What a clever idea Sweets, I vision a type of addition that shows your
relationship status when you right click a name.

Can you vision a burger stating your single, a burger and fries showing
engagement, two burgers, fries, and a coke showing a family, and then
perhaps a page you can edit thats built in which allows one to wrote about
their loved one, as well as an additional page describing yourself in AW!

Thanks AW for the new beta.

Jan 30, 2004, 1:14am
Thanks for relasing beta 3.5 for us AW, I think its good to know your
updating AW still, and I speak for many when I say I'm looking forward to
the public release, keep up the good work! =]


Regarding Tourist Building in AlphaWorld

Feb 1, 2004, 3:26pm
I wouldn't call myself an opinionted person, but for matters important like
this, I think its good to get some feedback and some ideas.
First, I think Ferruccio's idea is somewhat legimate, but not the same for
everyone. When I was a tourist alot of my stuff was deleted like others, but
I actually started small towns and things with other tourists and I became a
cit and decided to start many tourist towns.
So I would outline plots for tourists to build in, and I kept it secret
among other tourists and I had about 10 there and was alot of fun. Funny
thing, 6 of those 10 tourists became cits within the next 2 months, all
eager to start their own town.
Like I said, I am not a professional at anything, but I think maybe just a
few good role models in areas of mayoring, building, or whatever could help
inspire other tourists. My buildings inspire alot of people I am told, so If
I can inspire citizens, then surely any of us can inspire tourists in other
areas correct?

Regarding Tourist Building in AlphaWorld

Feb 3, 2004, 4:08am
AWGate, one sentence:
'Tourist building now welcomed in AlphaWorld!'
Experiment begins.

Is the newsletter gone?

Feb 5, 2004, 2:05pm
Or is it just postponed due to the 3.5 release?

Worms Theme

Feb 6, 2004, 6:34am
Hey actually if you own any worm games you can simply put them in your cd
player, I have a worms cd and it plays songs straight from the game, cd/game
imagine that!

AWUNIV Contest?

Feb 9, 2004, 1:13am
So if anybody has read this month's newsletter, in the university section,
you know that it was about some kind of building contest every 'annually
yearly' which is two of the same words, but does anybody have any details
about the contest, I'd love to see that place open up again, maybe monthly,
but whatcha gonna do? :))))))))

Great tool to help you build better!

Feb 28, 2004, 11:14am
Good morning AW, there is no pop tart.
But I found this cool thing:
as you all know, google is a search engine, and I found when you type in you get a picture search, now Im sure many of you are
familiar with this already, but I wasn't.

I found you can get great ideas on builds too, try typing in something like,
modern architecture, robie house, or just type in any obvious
'inspirational' house, and I'm sure there will be many pictures that can
easily be built in AW!
But I must warn you good citizens, I heard that you can mess up your natural
creative process if you overload your imagination with too many ideas from
other people. Now, this is why I wont look at it too long, but I know some
people that there opinions, creativity and process of being informed is all
from google, so you must be careful, oh weary traveller.

with that site, I also found a good architectural site called but its pretty intense. Like I said, you wont have any
originality in the long run from absorbing too much. Also hear there are
some good alpine lodge type buildings to absorb inspiration from!

Have a great weekend everybody, and it is sure sad I didn't find this
option, because it helps with homework and stuff like that! I havent written
here for a while so sorry if my lingo is not as well 'in tuned' as it should

-Love Seiya ^.^
*starpower to the people*

Starbuild Index Rebuilt~!

Mar 26, 2004, 12:34am
My fellow Aw users:

As many of you all know, my older index compilation of 115 starbuilds was
destroyed, losing the link to most of them all.

I know I can search for them, but I decided that I would rather make a new
one, it currently has 12 starbuilds but has a link to show the pictures of
the previous 115~!

It is actually in the same spot as the old one, but I am hoping this one
will be a better one, and I encourage fellow prolific builders to construct
an index so their builds can be enjoyed and shared with everyone, thank you
for your time and please enjoy~! -AW 15443s 15523e 1a-


Microsoft sues active worlds

Apr 1, 2004, 9:54pm
They can have my land.... As soon as Gates comes out here and challenges me
1 on 1 to a building duel~!

Microsoft sues active worlds

Apr 2, 2004, 1:43am
LOL I like that.... two things money cant buy:
An honest win*, and skill.

*excluding acutions and anything in the nature of the majority of money

Outerworlds Grows larger than AW

Apr 1, 2004, 10:00pm
Now theres an april fools joke.

Finding old land

Apr 16, 2004, 4:55am
Is there a place that can help me find old property? I would very much so
appreciate it~!


Starby Solutions

May 3, 2004, 6:33pm
Hello AW Community

I was thinking of maybe opening up a small AW business that has to do with
building, it is called Starby Solutions. And basically it is a building
solution service.

For example, lets say your working on a certain thing in your house and need
a certain design solution, or if you are building something and wish to have
someone aid you in developing it to be more advanced, you would gram starby

Just a thought I have, any comments? thanks~!

Starby Solutions

May 4, 2004, 5:02am
Brock has a simple mind, there are no solutions from him.

However the idea basically involves me just working out any tricky or
dumbfounded situations, I noticed that most builders in AW dont work towards
architectural and building advancements, which is fine. But I think rather
than opening up a business (which originally would be free) I still will
open a free friend to friend service, so instead, if anybody has any
problems like that please gram me and I'll do my best to help. Becuase I
want to meet some new people.

Also I think its the best way I can help the community seeing as I kinda
just hide myself away in AW, but thanks for your input!

Starby Solutions

May 5, 2004, 3:57am
Rumours are as rumours does... I just dont make a big deal about it thats
why people see me as an easy rumour target... But thats ok, because some
peoples true colors show during my posts, and they aren't pretty.

About the Starby Solutions idea, it wont ever cost money for it, I just want
to do it as a community service and a way to get friends, I wish some of you
re-read my posts as thats what I said before, if you dont need the help then
dont ask, but for those who do, the help is available. I was originally
turned down several times for an AWuniv teaching position, so why should
that stop me from a "door to door" service so to speak?

Now, officially I am announcing that if anybody needs help in that area,
then gram me and I can help, and we'll see how this idea turns out, I hope
it can be an encouragement and inspiration for others to start up things, as
it would bring alive the community, which is what you all want right?

PS-If you have a problem with me, gram me about it, dont let your ugliness
show in here.

Starby Solutions

May 5, 2004, 7:00am
Just trying to do a community sevice, not start a flame war, I'm bailing
this thread.

Cys Nominees Ball

May 4, 2004, 5:03am
She said the CY awards, not the CY ball right?

Future Commands

May 5, 2004, 7:02am
Hello guys, I was wondering what tye of future commands may come in AW
regarding building? I think "create corona" was the last one, I want to see
some more!

Any insight towards the future?

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