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bot idea

Mar 13, 1999, 11:37pm
Here's another.... How about a bot that reaches out of your computer
monitor and thwacks you put a bone-headed idea, that has been shown not to
work into effect...

it could have a text message come up on the screen to explain why; or

*give your head a shake*

*give your head a shake*

*give your head a shake*

facter <facter at iinet.net.au> wrote in article
<36EAB4F1.E27C5748 at iinet.net.au>...
> hay, i ahve a bot idea - how about,y uo create a bot that reads from a
> list of words, and when soemone says one of those words , you could have
> it eject a person for 60 minutes !!! We could call it the CensorBot.
> you know, words you could include could be all those offensive ones,
> like. . .community, love, neighbour, help, friend, understanding,
> tolerance, equality, adulthood and god forbid, the biggy, communication
> !!
> oh, what was that you say ? They already HAVE created a bot like that ?
> And called it Customs Aide ??
> damn . ..looks like someone stole my idea.

A few old ideas

May 6, 1998, 9:31pm
Yes Please!

TechnoZeus <TechnoZeus at uplogon.com> wrote in article <3542baa6.0 at sundev>...
> A long range scanner of some type. For example, a way to toggle the
> (maybe by pressing Tab or something) between the normal 3D view, and a
> centered around your current location. 1 pixel per square dekameter would
> cover alot of range, but would of course be hard to see details on..
> one pixel per square meter would be better.
> TechnoZeus


May 6, 1998, 9:49pm
Great Idea... =0)

frisbee.rwx, football.rwx, basketball.rwx...................Made so that
you could "catch" the object with a right click, and send it off in another
direction (throw the object) with simple commands in the action box; which
way, how hard, etc....

An Object refresh button would be good.

Jan 2, 1999, 10:11am
It would be nice to have a button to refresh a specific object, or the
avatars.dat file. Useful for making changes in the .rwx files when fine
tuning your world, and cleaning up the occasional bad masks that seem to
crop up from time to time. Doesn't sound difficult from a technical point
of view, and definately useful.

Especially for those times when dumping your cache seems like swatting a
gnat with a sledge hammer.

AlphaWorld "Wishlist"

Mar 16, 1999, 5:07pm
Your estamate of perhaps 1/4 of the textures getting used seems a little
low, but if you would like to make the textures look a little nicer, I'm
sure no-one would mind. For example, the grasso texture on the walk029
objects is a getting on my nerves, which is why I replaced it with fall_g
in my world.

More shapes would be the way I would go.More furnature besides tables and
chairs would be good... especially if they were slightly oversized.... The
reason for that is because most houses I have seen use 4 meter panels,
while the "panels"(of drywall) in my RL house are 8', or roughly 2.5
meters. If you simply think of an AW meter as an arbitrary unit that
happens to be called a meter, rather that being meant to represent a RL
meter, you arrive at a much more realistic looking scale.

AW furnature has always looked like toys sitting on the floor IMHO.

More "land" objects would be welcome, but please be careful with the
surface values, and texture modes. I modified the last batch of them for
use in my world by lowering the specular value to 0, changing the line
"texturemode lit foreshorten" to "texturemode foreshorten", making the
texture map match the walk029h object,
and adding an extra vertex to make them appear "solid" from the side...
perhaps that's not the right word, but if you think similar to the hillxx
and hillxt01 objects, you have got the idea. Land objects with an irregular
contour, but matching "edges" are a great tool for landscaping.

Shamus Young <shamus at activeworlds.com> wrote in article
<36ee95e0.0 at homer>...
> It been a while since I've seen new objects for AW on the wishlist - I'm
> curious what sorts of new things people would like to see in AW?
> What would make the AW object libary more useful? What types of objects
> ought to be added or altered? What objects are useless (if any?).
> Also, I notice that many objects come with a LOT of different textures,
> although in practice only about 1/4 of them ever get used. For example
> "walk" objects come in about 25+ different textures, although only a few
> the variations ever get used. (probably because the other textures don't
> look as good). What would be more important, more texture choices, or
> shape and size choices?
> Don't worry - I am not proposing massive changes for Alpha, I'm just
> to get a feel for what makes a building world "great", and what will keep
> builders engaged and excited. I've gotten some good input from several
> friends so far, but wanted to put it to the community and see what
> has to say. :)
> Shamus Young
> Artwork / World Developer
> Activeworlds.com, Inc
> Email: shamus at activeworlds.com
> Personal Homepage: http://users.penn.com/~shamus/
> ================================================
> - - --= A C T I V E W O R L D S =-- - -
> See the future of the net in a 3D interactive world!
> http://www.activeworlds.com

Easier movement routines for objects, please.

Jul 25, 1999, 10:45pm
This subject came up when one of the builder in Blues World wanted to make a
lake with waves on it. Making the .rwx models is easy enough, but getting
the swells to move around is cumbersome, and data intensive (tends to fill
up cells), difficult to edit afterwards (because the object selection gets a
bit flakey), and worst of all, people complan that it makes their machines
crash. Can you make a command such as "create movement w1..w4" which would
alternately "visible on" and "visible off" objects that were given the names
w1 to w4 as an example, to simulate motion?

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