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Create Dark?

Mar 24, 2002, 8:08am
Yes,I think it is crazy to take away something that works by mistake,it is a
bit like trying to find the cure for cancer and by mistake find the cure for
AIDS and say "naw,lets throw it away,we was not looking for this"

kah <kah at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3c9a0d1b$1 at
> color=black worked in the 3.1 beta, but because Criterion told the AWC
> didn't support black light they took it off...
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My wish..

May 14, 2002, 1:45pm
Well my friend,anything can be found offensive,,you just have to ask the
right people.

silenced <nospam at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3cdbb3eb$1 at
> Well despite what you've said, the gor worlds can be found offensive.
> regulatory action needs to be taken to "hide" them from the general
> Little kids often play around with settings and go world hopping and will
> lie about their age, what you guys have to do is disable the ability for
> them to know about the world names.
> I'm not saying this to put the Gor's down, it's just that exposing minors
> some of the stuff that goes on in those worlds is illegal and can have AW
> prosecuted, or worse, shut down.
> --Bowen--
> Have $3... want a website?
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custom service

Oct 20, 2002, 2:40pm
I wish it would not take one month or more for someone at Activeworlds to
answer a question sent by e-mail.
One seems to get things handled fast(ish) by phoning them, but it is
expensive to phone them from outside USA. ( What makes it expensive is the
time you are waiting for the women who answers the phone to find Tom (who
seems to be handling everything in there ))
When I write sales and I am buying someting Tom answer the same day, but
when I write support Tom answers in 3-5 weeks.....still waiting for the
world that was won in Bingo in August.
How about getting someone there to replace Noelle?


custom service

Oct 20, 2002, 6:10pm
Not talking about people panicing when univerese goes down, but talking
about when people are trying to ask something that only AW knows, and other
people cannot answer in NGs.
After all we pay AW , so I think we should be intitled to get a bit service.

d a n <awdan at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3db2e90a at
> Live Support?
> That would be good but they get about 1000 people in que when the server
> goes down
> :-\
> ---
> D a n
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custom service

Oct 21, 2002, 1:46pm
Next time I want to accosiate a citizenship to worldrenewal, or need to know
when a forced upgrade comes for worldservers, if I shall (can) upgrade the
worldservers for other univeres also, or when I need to get back a lost
citizenship..I will ask gateKeepers *g*

niki <niki at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3db325c4$1 at
> "count dracula" <dracula at> wrotes in a news message:
> 3db30da7$1 at
> What do you mean?
> The GateKeepers are online to answer questions.

Object box size

Jan 29, 2003, 12:18pm
I agree. I have a small screen and when trying to build the bloody box cover
half my screen.

henrikg <henrikgu at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3e377e6a$1 at
> I'm posting this for Sidris who is unable to post to the wishlist
> for some reason:
> I don't know if this has been suggested but I think the object properties
> box is too big. Since the release of 3.3 I find I spent an enormous
> of time moving the box around so I can see what I'm doing. It would be
> great if the box could be made so it can be re-sized or, even more
> if it could be redesigned a la the tools in Photoshop which is slender and
> very sexy in a geeky sort of way.
> Sidris

stand alone mode, what is it for?

May 23, 2003, 11:40pm
When I had to pay per minute for beeing online, it was sometimes nice to
walk around and just look at a world without having to pay for that. ( My
phonebills used to be about 200-300$/month)

dlp anne <anne at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3ece9e08$1 at
> What is it for anyway, you can do anything but move to cached areas and if
> you build it's not saved.
> The only thing I can think of is to use this mode as a off line
> type thing.
> I was thinking it might also be used for diagnostic purposes but then I
> though maybe not cause you don't have the universe server acting on it.
> If this mode has no real purpose couldn't it just be removed?

major security problem

May 23, 2003, 11:37pm
Most private owned worlds use custom objects and those are most likely
password protected; so even with a propdump one would end up with a lot
I belive most people want to build their own worlds, those wanting a copied
worlds are probably not taking worldowning seriously anyway and will be gone
in a while.

dlp anne <anne at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3ece9f8f at
> Can you please do something to stop people from making propdumps from the
> cache files?
> This is a major security problem.
> People could go in your world, wait for it to fully load in and then
> a full propdump of it without your permission or knowledge they are doing
> it.
> I don't like doing all my hard work just to have someone copy it and dump
> into there world under there name using similar objects then calling it
> there work.
> I understand that some may want this ability in case something happened to
> the world server and the only backup is in there cache. But most of us use
> bot to backup everything or make regular backups of the world through the
> admin. tool.

appearing offline

Jul 9, 2003, 11:08am
Personally I have never quite understood why go to a chatplace and hide.
I know I am sometimes busy in AW also, but setting status to AFK should tell
people that I am unable to answer grams right now.

alaskanshadow <monkeysarepretty at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f084274$1 at
> I think AW needs a feature where you can appear offline to certain people,
> or make it so certain people cannot see you when you talk (PS should be
> to seen anyone tho obviously). This would be very helpful in many cases
> as stalkers, who I find very annoying >.< You can block your status,
> t-grams, and mute the person, but a lot of times people can find ways
> that, such as getting others to contact you for them, or going to worlds
> they know you visit. If this was harassment, you could get PK's involved,
> but its really just an annoyance. So I think something like this would be
> good solution.


Jul 9, 2003, 10:16am
I have used a Freeware programm called Paste & Save from to keep track on my girlfriends

weebo <weebo at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f0a5cbe$1 at
> Need a way to keep up with stuff (like list of girlfriends, object list,
> etc) inside the browser without having to paste them on the chat line. A
> blank text box would prolly do the trick tho that would allow you to
> manipulate the clipboard.
> Weebs


Jul 9, 2003, 6:42pm
Yes it has like 3 sections girlfriends, boyfriends and
notyetfiguredoutfriends :-D

ananas <ananas at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f0c2f5c at
> I hope you keep me in a different place ...
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Jul 14, 2003, 6:24pm
Just keep an eye on dogs and rabbits for example :)

bowen <Bowen at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f10e3d7$1 at
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Jul 14, 2003, 6:32pm
I belive all people are to some amount; we all have a so called feminine and
maskuline side.
In our society sex plays a way to big difference. People feel very
uncomfortable around people who they do not know if they are male or female.
I guess it is because of our long tradition of religions which has thought
us what is wrong or what is right. Boys shall play with cars, girls with
dolls etc.

john <john at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f104969 at
> U a bit ACDC, Count Drac?
> ~John
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Jul 15, 2003, 8:58am
Well, most animals just have sex , no long term relationships with second
mortage on nest, counceling etc ( I am aware some animals live as partners
the whole life tho).
I assume you with this mean that if you have sex with everything that moves
(men and women) it would not make you bi-sexual, since you do not establishe
a willing relationship?

bowen <Bowen at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f133011$1 at
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a sorta elevator

Sep 2, 2003, 7:37am
crazy pills <chris101d at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f4fb2dd$1 at
> have a solid object that moves up, then just simply walk back and forth
> move up with it because you move along with the altitude. no bump warps
> needed. its betetr than nothing. temproary solution

I have also hoped for objects to be able to transport avatars, without
complicated bump and warp commands.

The fact that is been requested several times, should ring a bell at AWI,
but somebody said they do not even read this group. So why have a group like
this in the first place? It is like "you can wish all you want, we do not
give a fu**, we do not even bother looking what you request".

I also wonder what happened to the skinned avatars, that was to be supported
in 3.4 ? Now they are already working on 3.5 and what I have heard there is
nothing about the skinned avatars there either, only some new bugs
(features) that nobody even wanted in the first place.


a sorta elevator

Sep 2, 2003, 12:10pm
starfleet <Starfleet at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f547d61 at
> 3.3

Even worse then. I guess the 200? skinned avatars I have will never be able
to walk in AW lol

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For the kids

Sep 2, 2003, 7:27am
starfleet <Starfleet at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f5157ac at
> Noooooooooooooooooo! Kids should at least pay the full price, maybe even
> But cits who want to enter R or X worlds should be paying $139.95/year.

You must be kiding, right ? ( or then you must have an alternative sense
for logic)


For the kids

Sep 2, 2003, 12:19pm
Ok, help me out then here. What is logical about having children pay atleat
full prize and especially the part about having prople to pay more if they
have a world for adults. Now we shall nor forget that the rating system used
is not even very suitable for a chat enviroment. I have for example a few
nude avatars in my world, I was told to raize the rating. I never understood
why tho, because they were just nude for swimming purpose. I think I got
slightly pissed and put in an x, just in case. One never know what might
offend someone. Seeing a naked pig can upset a jew or muslim, seeing a cross
that is upside down can upset a christian, seeing a cross can upset all but
christians, seeing a nude avatar can upset a narrowminded, seeing a clothed
avatar can upset a naturist, seeing a roasted turkey can upset a vegetarian
etc etc..

So I simply play safe and have it x now, but hell no, I am not going to pay
more to enter my world, just because some ppl are narrowminded hipochrits.

starfleet <Starfleet at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f547df1 at
> I'm not kidding, and it's very logical if you look at the facts.
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For the kids

Sep 2, 2003, 10:04pm
Kids might get same features yes, but I do not see why it could not be
cheaper. Many software providers has licenses priced differently according
to user, for example students get a cheaper license. I do not see why it
would not work in AW.

I also belive AW is losing a lot of money because they have such a negative
attitude towards especially tourists. It took me a while to figure it out,
but suddenly I realized. AW do not even want new cits. It is much more
profitable for them if they manage to keep AW an unfriendly place and make
people bu univereses.

And you are the person who decide what is offensive or not ? Lets say I find
bingo to be a very offensive game, should they make bingoworlds x-rated, or
if someone find paintball worlds offensive due to their violence?

I think we pay enough as it is, no need to start punishing people more with
higher fees. It is very simple, if you do not like a world ( lets say
x-rated) stay the fu** out of there, no need to demand higher prices for
things you do not like (understand) :-)

starfleet <Starfleet at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f54c1d6$1 at
> LMAO....because kids get the same features and rights on their cits
therefore they have
> to pay the same, no less, if AW would let them pay less they would lose
alot of profit.
> Higher rating should be higher prices because they expose offensive
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For the kids

Sep 3, 2003, 10:58am
starfleet <Starfleet at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f55a68d at
> Same features, same prices. There should be no exception. BTW how would
you prevent
> adults from registering as kids then?

But hon, now you are a bit against youself, a while back you wanted higher
prices for same features for people who visit X-rated worlds.

The browser for kids could for example only allow visits to worlds rated
suitable for children ( whatever that means).

I am also fine with same price for all, if the price would be more
acceptable (like it used to be).

What have we got as the price has gone up? A worse customer service, no new
features of interest, banning of visitors, a in general more unfriendly


For the kids

Sep 3, 2003, 11:00am
You must be one of the most jelous people around LOL
If someone would got something cheaper than you, you could just not live
with it .

starfleet <Starfleet at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f55db82 at
> A copy can be acquired from friends....
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Default avatars upon world entry

Sep 6, 2003, 8:14am
It is upto the worldowner ( if she or he has accees to the avatar.dat) to
set the default avatars. Some worlds use female avatar as default. I have
never personally let a thing like that bother me, if I do not like to wear a
female av, I just simply change lol

john <john at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f591c9a at
> It would be nice if the first to avatars had a toggle in avatars.dat and a
> setting on the browser.
> Set browser to default to "male" or "female"
> Enter a world
> Set to male/female av depending on setting
> if no male/female av then default to neutral or failing that the first
> avatar like it is atm.
> Some people I've talked to don't like the fact that when they enter a
> they are defaulted to a male av.
> ~John

Default avatars upon world entry

Sep 6, 2003, 4:18pm
bowen <Bowen at> kirjoitti
viestissä:3f5a2375$2 at
[View Quote] One would belive those prefer male avatars tho. Who else than them try to be
real men than those, they dress in suite, have a briefcase, well paid job
and hate everyone else.

> --
> --Bowen--
> Yeah, it's that good.
> (Maybe an AW section in the near future?)

A browser that remembers it's location

May 5, 2004, 7:55pm
"lord fett" <lordfett at> kirjoitti viestiss
news:40985cdc$1 at
> With the addition of the seperate tab window, I have taken Mauz's advice
> shrink the browser down and stick the tabs to the left side of it to
> as it once did. However, when I do this, the browser doesn't store its
> location and so when I start the browser back up on my next visit, it
> appears on the far left of the screen instead of where I want it. Please
> this to the next version.
I do not understand what is so f**king hard to put it back where it was,
nicely to the left. Nobody likes the current one, yet they insist on having
it the crappy way. In 3.6 it seems it is still floating around like
something that do not belong to the browser.


A browser that remembers it's location

May 5, 2004, 8:52pm
Nothing wrong with fullscreen, one could for example press alt + f7 or
something, to get in or out from it.
Still no excuse of having a tabwindow ON the other windows. When the tabs
are on the windown, it is hard to walk straight forward and if one have it
so big that it is actually useful, it covers the chat window also.

"alexthemartian" <alex at> kirjoitti viestiss
news:40996df3$1 at
> i can just see every part of the browser being detached one by one and
> then i can make aw fullscreen :-D
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Community newsgroup

May 8, 2004, 10:47pm
Would you care to define pervert to us all? (someone who is not excatly like

"linn" <ironhead at> kirjoitti viestiss
news:409d77f9$1 at
> well I and others happen to think that keeping perverts away from us and
> children IS sorry your standards are to low
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Community newsgroup

May 9, 2004, 1:30pm
And who is John E. Robinson Sr.? Some serial killer I assume?

And if someone has a different sexuality than you, it makes him a pervert
that equals murderer, raper, molester etc?

It seems that many people cannot see the difference between a crime and a
preference. Lets say someone who happens to be a gorean ( to put this into
aw context) commits a crime; he is not bad for doing a crime but for beeing
a gorean. It automatically leads to the conclusion all goreans are bad and
commit crimes.
Then again when i dare to critizice the catholic church for example,
disproving how the abuse of boys has been going on for decades and has been
covered up. Do I hear that someone start yelling all catholics should be
banned from AW? No, because most people probably understand that those who
has commited the crime has done it as indivduals; I wonder why this cannot
be aplied to for other people with prefernces.


".sharon" <none> kirjoitti viestiss
news:409e3838 at
> Go tell that to the victims of John E. Robinson Sr. A perv is a perv. You
> don't take the kids off the streets d'oh. You take the perv off the
> streets!
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Community newsgroup

May 9, 2004, 7:45pm
I do not know if you do your best not to understand what I am saying or if
you simply do not understand; anyway it seems you get it wrong all the time.

I was not refering to the Seiya case. If he has done something criminal then
report him to the authorities. I was refering to the in general negative
attitude against x-rated worlds and to the fact that some people seem to
excigerate (sp) the danger of internet.
I still belive most rapes and killings are done in the so called real life
not in virtual reality. Broken hearts and disapointment surely on internet
but seldom any physical damage.
I even challange you or anyone else to kill or rape me over the internet,
could even offer 100$ to anyone who can do it, but in case of death that has
to be collected from my family.

Yes I have criticise religions, not the people who are tricked into beliving
in gods.

I guess it is no use continuing this much since talking to some people is
like pooring water on a goose.

".sharon" <none> kirjoitti viestiss
news:409e568d at
> You're in the wrong category talking about this. You ought to stop
> away from the topic and get back in the community group for one thing.
> John Edward Robinson Sr was a mass serial killer who lured people on the
> internet morphing and disguising his true identity to attract his victims.
> To address one of your statements that it's your understanding that we
> all Goreans are bad. How can anyone make that conclusion when they don't
> know all Goreans. Also, no one is saying that those with sexual
> other than our own are criminals. We are saying however that the criminal
> is as the criminal does whatever the gender, religion, etc. We are NOT
> saying the criminal is a criminal for exercising any of the human rights.
> Another of your ditches was that you did put religion under fire in one of
> your posts or have you forgotten already?
> Also, I'd like to stop calling Seiya an it and wish "it" would finally
> a determination as to "it's" identity for purposes of saving myself from
> being abused by anyone who says I'm attacking it's sexual preferences. At
> the moment "it" has not made it clear as to what "it" is. Until future
> clarification of it's gender, when needing a prefix, I shall refer to
> as "it".
> Lastly, you tell us not to worry for it's only people role playing on the
> internet and there is no harm in that. That we ought not worry and just
> well enough alone whether we see someone abusing others or not. You are
> wrong in that view. This not just my opinion. If you turn away when you
> know someone is hurting others you are protecting the abuser.
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I wish

Jun 3, 2004, 3:07pm
Why in first place block grams? *shrug*

Once a person asked for an object; obviously he had the setting to block all
not given permission to gram.
I wrote a fairly long and nice gram telling I had now found what he wanted.
When I tried to send it, it said I cannot. I just thought WTF, not my lost.

I guess I have not quite understood ever why peple come to a chat just to
hide; a bit like moving to Greenland because one hate snow.

"linn" <ironhead at> kirjoitti viestiss
news:40ba2999$1 at
> when I have to block someone I didn't have to keep the name on the contact
> list....waste of good space


Jun 24, 2004, 2:01pm
Personally I think all this blocking and hiding is simply stupid.

Why in hell go to a chat just to hide ?
I do like the AFK mode though, because that should indicate to a person who
sends a gram that I am not able to answer it right away.

"c p" <chris101d at> kirjoitti viestiss
news:40d725d6$1 at
> When a person blocks you I think the program shouldn't allow you to
> grams from that person...until they unblock. I find it so annoying when a
> person blocks you but keeps sending grams to you, and you end up with no
> chance to rebute, I think that's the worst feeling in the world, I know I
> could easily hit block all grams, but it should be a built in standard
> if a person blocks telegrams from you, that they in turn should NOT be
> to send them to you.

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