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Make AW in delphi

Feb 20, 2001, 11:17am

[View Quote] > I'm prepared to hack your machine!!
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news group for misc stuff

Feb 20, 2001, 1:39pm
Perhaps you should try to think where isn't such a newsgroup, Ananas. Now get over it and go post stupidly on OTHER news servers.

[View Quote] > It would be nice to have a "misc" newsgroup without binding to certain
> topics.
> At the moment all miscellanious stuff goes to community but many think
> that "community" is only thought for directly AW related things.
> To avoid this constant trouble (not AW-related or not on topic of the
> group) it would be nice to have a group where not AW related things can
> be discussed by AW community members. No need to hold the history as
> long as it is held in other groups, maybe only 3 months back. But this
> would be a place were we could post entries that don't go to any other
> group without beeing flamed. Common to all these posts would be the
> citizenship in AW.
> It should not be a replacement for the AW chat but I've read some
> interesting ideas by people I never met in AW and I met some people in
> AW after I've read entries posted by them. This sure helps to know
> eachother - so finally it would be AW related, especially as this server
> is not open to the usenet.

news group for misc stuff

Feb 20, 2001, 3:01pm
Look, I already said I'd try to tone it down a bit, but if twits like you, Agent, and other idiots are going to persist in acting stupid, you're going to hear of it from me, dig? Don't fuck with me, kid.

[View Quote] > Such a group would protect some normal people from you and would be good
> for your nerves :)
> eep schrieb:

news group for misc stuff

Feb 20, 2001, 10:48pm
[View Quote] > I forgot to add - and should be open for tourists too, read and write.

I agree with this, but feel just having "community" open to tourists (but not off-topic posts!) would suffice.

> ananas schrieb:

That's because "community" IS only for AW-related things, not little kids' news servers to make themselves feel more important and boost their self-esteem, not little kids' lame "communities" (wanna-be) in AlphaWorld where they, again, are trying to make themselves feel more important and boost their self-esteem. See a pattern? Guess who's mostly posting off-topic: little kids trying to make themselves feel important and boost their self-esteem. This is otherwise known as immaturity. Kids need to grow up elsewhere and not clutter up AW's newsgroups with their evolution.

So go form ICQ channels (or whatever they call it), Yahoo/whatever message boards, and web-based bulletin boards like Xavarella, Ima Genius, etc have. Don't clutter up AW's newsgroups with all that fluff shit. I didn't stand for it when I first came here in 1997 and I sure as hell ain't going to stand for it now.

Reminder - to all the newbie twits: take your shit ELSEWHERE

Jan 25, 2001, 3:20am
Yea, and clueless Roland doesn't get that BASIC, SIMPLE fact, considering he STILL posts in HTML, the idiot that he is...

[View Quote] > When you make a HTML message with OLX, your text is put in twice. Once
> without HTML, and once with HTML. The HTML formatting usually makes the part
> with HTML 1.5 to 2.5 times as big as the non-HTML part. So, if you make 1kb
> of text and post it as html, it becomes about 3kb. The header itself takes
> up another kb or so. If you make large posts, or a lot of posts, this can
> add up quite quickly.
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Reminder - to all the newbie twits: take your shit ELSEWHERE

Jan 25, 2001, 3:20am
But you haven't, twit: QUOTE. Idiot.

[View Quote] > Jeeze, lay off him... he's learned his lesson :)>

Reminder - to all the newbie twits: take your shit ELSEWHERE

Jan 27, 2001, 3:23am
Damn you're dense, kid. You finally learned how to quote. Congratulations, twit.

[View Quote] > Hmm.. this is the first time in a long time eep has accually talked to me :)
> I could have sworn he added me to his filter? :)
> BTW eep, what lesson have I not learned?
> LilAlpha Phalpha
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Reminder - to all the newbie twits: take your shit ELSEWHERE

Jan 27, 2001, 3:24am
I was serious! <twitch>

[View Quote] > Well, at least I know now he has a sense of humor...
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Re: hypocritical Roland yet again (was Re: big-file triangle facer)

Feb 3, 2001, 4:22pm
Well, feel free to repost it in beta or wherever he might see it, if you want. <shrug>

[View Quote] > This post would've been useful if Roland actually *read* this newsgroup.
> As it is, he's probably already got you in his filter list by now. :P
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wordwrap (was Re: hypocritical Roland yet again)

Feb 3, 2001, 4:24pm
Uh, normally my lines wrap JUST fine if you have wordwrap on, but you've somehow managed to circumvent even that so I don't know about YOUR long lines, but MINE wrap fine. for why I do it.

[View Quote] > why do you have nonbreaking on? all your posts are on one REALLY long line
> normally it would be cut into sections like this
> but not when you turn nobreaking on... its posts into one really really really long line like this one. after a while you have to move the scrollbar across and try to keep your eyes on the same spot you were reading while text F L I E S across the screen... having fun yet? sure ya are.. just like all of us when we read your posts. Eyes getting tired yet? not mine nooo im just like eep totally perfect- my eyes dont get tired. i dont need that enter key! no sir! now this may be longer than yours usually are but is just as hard and annoying to read... ok i am now done.
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flaming (was Re: hypocritical Roland yet again)

Feb 3, 2001, 4:28pm
[View Quote] > You make me sick. If I remember properly in his header it says to turn word
> wrap on.

I haven't had that in my header or sig for months, but if people are too clueless not to know what it is or to enable it if lines are not wrapping, they don't deserve my time anyway.

> If you used a half decent newsreader, it would automatically be on
> anyway (Netscape, Outlook).

I don't think Netscape Messenger auto-enables wordwrap. Dunno about Outlook.

> Stop complaining twit, it just makes you appear
> to be the homosexual you really are.

Uh, how does complaining make one appear to be homosexual?


Well, this I can agree with. Now if only Roland would get the clue...

> --
> Wing
> This little spot is dedicated to my girl, Jessie.
> Ravens are goin Festivus Maximus on Purple Sunday
> AW Citizen 305004 "Wing"
> bathgate at
> eyemwing at
> ICQ #101207433

You really need to reduce your sig...

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Re: Rolu's bad example (was Re: more of Roland's bad math)

Feb 3, 2001, 4:29pm
Sad but probably true, Goober. Aasmund acts fairly incompetent.

[View Quote] > No offense, Wing, but that's pretty sad... I hope yer "lover" doesn't
> read these NGs. *smirk*
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Re: proof! (was Re: Rolu's bad example)

Feb 3, 2001, 7:20pm
Yes, yes, of course you can. But are you even competent enough to tell me which video cards show gaps and which don't? Surprise me, sport.

[View Quote] > I said: "I can provide two comparative screenshots in a couple of weeks. Or I can take screenshots of places you show me which has gaps."
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Re: Rolu's bad example (was Re: more of Roland's bad math)

Feb 3, 2001, 7:21pm
And you're too lax. Put up or shut up. Why will it take THREE weeks to do that when you were just OH SO SURE of yourself a day or 2 ago? Inquiring minds want to know...

[View Quote] > The bug is not MY video card. In three weeks I will post a bug report in beta (with all specifications), and I will post it here as well. If your video card also shows seams whitin an object, I'll be happy to provide screenshots from my current system (without seams), to compare with yours.
> I think you should relax some more, don't be so jumpy....just take a deep breath. You're just too intense.
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incompetence (was Re: Rolu's bad example)

Feb 3, 2001, 7:24pm
It's said mockery is the finest form of flattery. Anyway, if you think people like Wing with strong opinions are my disciples, you need to get out more.

[View Quote] > Not half as incompetent as your little diciple wing. He's even started to adopt your words, isn't that pathetic.
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Re: I'm Impressed!!

Feb 3, 2001, 7:53pm
It's not Juno, but the new deal with Siemens. It was announced on 1/29 (see and the stock started going up from there. AWCI obviously doesn't think much of it or they would've added it to their press release page.

What I want to know is why last year's AWLD news isn't available on Excite or Yahoo...

[View Quote] > If the Juno deal did anything, it was when it was first anounced. It's now a few months later; don't think that's why.
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website (was Re: I'm Impressed!!)

Feb 3, 2001, 9:58pm
So you're responsible for AWCI's terrible-excuse-for-a-website now? How about losing all the different-colored graphics and sticking with the same color (like blue since it seems to be one of AW's primary colors) to reduce the site's overall load time? Most people are still on 56K dial-up connections.

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Re: Rolu's bad example (was Re: more of Roland's bad math)

Feb 3, 2001, 10:12pm
The EXACT video card specs aren't needed--just the make and model is, which shouldn't be difficult for you to remember.

[View Quote] > Because the computers showing seams are in another city. I'm going there in three weeks. Hard to do screenshots from here you know. I could get the exact videocard specifications NOW, but I'd rather do the whole thing properly when I get there. Be patient people, aw isn't going anywhere :).
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Re: proof! (was Re: Rolu's bad example)

Feb 4, 2001, 2:19am
Thing is, Roland CLAIMS the same problem happened in 2.2 and earlier (Dataman claims it's Ron's code, which implies the problem has been present since AW's inception). However, I didn't see it until AW3. Why, I don't know, especially considering I've been building in AW since June 1997. Regardless, the cell database needs to be rewritten to include 64-bit (I believe) floating point (which will fix the gap problem, and hopefully the seam problem as well) and allow TRUE multi-axis object rotation (not just through an action command).

[View Quote] > I'm aware of the dual bug situation. Strange thing is most people tend to
> ignore the existance of both tempting Roland to just leave it all alone. As
> for Roland saying the inaccurate object positioning is a complex issue, why
> the hell didn't it occur in 2.2? Why not just fall back to the old object
> placement code which was OBVIOUSLY more accurate and independent of the
> display (the object's coordinates are calculated wrong and therefore stored
> wrong on the server and being displayed right where the server says they
> should be). Why did he even muck with it in the first place?
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Re: video cards: seams or no seams? (was Re: Rolu's bad example)

Feb 5, 2001, 3:21am
3D chips on motherboards act just like 3D chips on separate video cards, Agent. Anyway, I want 3D chips that DON'T see the seams.

[View Quote] > Well, I've got some Intel chip ("Intel 82810 Graphics Controller") that does my video (instead of an actual card D:). I see the seams.
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Re: rounding vs EXACTNESS (was Re: proof!)

Feb 5, 2001, 3:24am
Well, whatever. How about talking to Roland and HamFon about it since they don't seem to think this is a big enough issue to actually fix it. And I suggest other people confront Roland and HamFon about these bugs too.

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Re: video cards: seams or no seams? (was Re: Rolu's bad example)

Feb 5, 2001, 3:28am
[View Quote] > Guillemot/Hercules 3d Prophet II MX (GeForce II MX) shows seams, but very
> rarely compared to other cards (TNT2 Vanta Plus for example). Gaps are an
> ever-present evil.

I used to have an ATI 3DXpression+PC2TV (Rage 2+) card and I didn't notice seams/gaps in AW 2.2. However, I DID see them in AW3.

> --
> Wing
> This little spot is dedicated to my girl, Jessie.
> She paints her nails, and she dont know, he's got her best friend on the
> phone,
> She'll wash her hair, his dirty clothes, for all he gives to her. And he's
> got posters on the wall
> Of all the girls he wish she was, and he means everything to her. Her
> boyfriend, he dont know,
> Anything, about her... She's just the flavor of the week.
> AW Citizen 305004 "Wing"
> bathgate at
> eyemwing at
> ICQ #101207433

Does your sig have to be annoyingly long, Wing? God damn, man, tone it down. Just makes more shit to have to delete when replying (except this time to make you aware of the annoyance, of course).

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objects vs AW object placement (was Re: video cards: seams or no seams?)

Feb 5, 2001, 3:30am
<shrug> I'm not talking about seams on objects but in AW BETWEEN objects. Understand the problem before replying to posts about it.

[View Quote] > I'm currently working on converting 2d raster images into vector/polygon graphic (wait til I make this into real 3d objects!). In this snapshot, there are 15.000 polys +, if there's one place there should be seams this is it.
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how incompetent can AWCI get? god damn...

Feb 8, 2001, 9:35pm
[View Quote] >
> They offend me because they are racist and biggoted, I dont care whether I
> believe what he says or not or if we can have a rational discussion that
> doesnt degenerate into name calling. What I am saying is that anyone who is
> of this nature should expect to deal with the repercussions of their acts,
> and banning someone for what is a criminal offence in some countries is not
> censorship:)
> In actual fact, censorship would be moderating the newsgroup and then
> forwarding the post with any objectionable words taken out, or not
> forwarding the post at all.. banning is not censorship, it is withdrawal of
> privalege.

Ah but it's NOT a criminal offense in the US, which is where AWCI is located and of which I am a citizen.

> as I said, a version of terrorism. Your deffinition is quite accurate.
> Actually what I read here is that under your defenitions (which I contest
> earlier in my post) its okay for an individual to censor anyone, but not a
> group to group censor? But as I have said, banning is not censorship..
> moderation may be classed as such by my reading of the meaning of the word.
> If you are to ban Eep for insulting you,
> I would personally remove the privelage (not censor) anyone who acted in the
> same way, ie who came into the newsgroup as blatantly violent, racist or
> biggoted, whether they were AWCI staff or a user.. makes no difference to
> me who it is or what the subject under discussion is.
> But it was
> He would only have stopped the thread when he had passed his insults and
> people had given up so he could say I have won. Standard terrorist
> tactics.. doesnt matter whether right or wrong as long as the last say goes
> his way.

All Facter had to do was answer my question in my email to him instead of giving me the typica AWCI brushoff... <shrug>

> Therefore, you are also
> Actually here I agree, it should have been dealt with 4 or more years ago
> when this started by banning him permanently, but that seemed harsh and
> still does. I personally wont censor anyone, I have no right to so I wont
> add him to a filter, but I have no problem in seeing his privaleges removed,
> as I have no problem in seeing someone who commits a crime or similar in
> real life serving time for it.

You keep interchangeably using "privilege" (note correct spelling) and "ban". Taking away my "privilege" (right, more like it since I'm an AW citizen and citizens have the RIGHT to post in these newsgroups--PERIOD) IS banning me from posting. Duh.

> Why should he be allowed to? you have already said the only way to stop him
> is to back off, whether we are right or wrong.. thats not democracy, or
> needed, thats bowing to usurped power and means he holds the power to
> prevent discussion which is censorship by abstination.

No discussion is prevented since I am not taking away people's ability to post. If anything, it's about self-esteem. Many people I flame have it coming, which is why they eventually shut up and move on.

> Yep, bow under to his pressure and personally censor.. why do you feel you
> have to do that?

Lose the monarchness about this, Moria; it's not about power but staying on-topic. A LOT of idiots I flame are because they post off-topic or act incompetent. Don't act like a twit and I won't flame you; act like a twit and I WILL flame you--it's that simple. Don't like it? Filter me. It's still that simple.

> However, if you choose to
> Thats your choice, and I am sure we'll be sorry to see you go, but if you
> feel that you have to make a personal stand against this, then its still a
> free country for you to do so. Many of us took that decision years ago
> when all this started by leaving the newsgroup, which again was wrong, it
> was abstaining and turning the other way. In a way you could say guilty by
> complacency:)

Funny as you're the first person to mention the "mass exodus" because of me, when I've read numerous discussions about how it was actually AWCI's ineptness in dealing with AW's users that caused people to leave. Might want to get your facts straight, Moria.

> For though I may dislike Eep, I dislike
> Finally its not censorship, its removal of privalege, and being part of a
> community means respecting the other community members and their views. You
> dont have to agree with them, but you also dont need to resort to bigoted,
> racist and violent behaviour if they disagree with you. Why should it
> always be everyone else that backs off? :)
> If you want a community, it should be that all members can get a fair say,
> whether right or wrong, without being too scared to post because they think
> they will get verbally assaulted if they dont agree with one person. That
> is a community, not a group ruled in terror by the school playground
> bully:))

There you go again with more analogies. Here's one of my own I'm sure you've heard of before: AWCI is Big Brother. AWCI is a dictator. Wee...aren't analogies fun? If some people are too "scared" to post here simply because of how *I* post, then their self-esteems are so low their posts probably wouldn't have much useful content anyway. Regardless, if you want to play cute little social politeness mind games, go somewhere else. I didn't come to these newsgroups for lessons in social etiquette but to get information and to discuss AW issues. Not everyone is a social butterfly who kisses up to everyone to get their support and/or acceptance. Not everyone has such a low self-esteem. Not everyone needs such external gratification. In short, Moria, Facter, and anyone else, not everyone is like you. Now get over it.

how incompetent can AWCI get? god damn...

Feb 8, 2001, 9:50pm
[View Quote] > Greets eep,

Shah, you want greets but are in the process of getting me banned from the newsgroups? Give me a fucking break, Moria.

> eep,
> until
> some people to post here, Moria. I'm simply speaking (typing) my opinion
> about how people act, like you are now.
> OK so sue me, but I believe you are censoring people by intimidating them
> to not post by resorting to name calling, and racist/bigotted attidudes. As
> you say my opinion, after all thats all anyone can post:) Yes you can say
> that is a weakness on their part perhaps, but the last I looked it didnt say
> you had to be a strong thick skined individual to post here, and all should
> be respected for their beliefs and ideas, even if we dont agree with them.
> But not agreeing with them is no reason to resort to attacking them in any
> way.

You need to look up the word "censor" in the dictionary, Moria. I'm not censoring at all. Just because my skin may be thicker than most people's hardly constitutes me as censoring others simply because I can take more abuse. You have a distorted view of censorship if you believe that.

> want apologies from all the people who have insulted me over the years, do
> you?
> Not demanding apologies no, you usually get to the point in the second post
> where you call them newbie or tell them to suck filter f**kwit and ignore
> what they are saying, like I admit in some cases they ignore your points as
> well:)

Then what's the problem? Some people deal with people they don't like by ignoring them, others filter, I reply with attacks. So the fuck what. Be glad I'm not hunting you all down and killing you...

> After all, to me you're a newbie, but I would never use that as a statement
> to try and put you down, which you do seem to have a fondness for doing:)
> Then prove it.. I know you can, stop resorting to name calling and put
> downs and either discuss and accept that some people don't agree with you,
> or if you dont think they are worth it, just don't post :)

Uh, you must not read my posts very carefully or you would see that, at times between the insults, I am trying to understand the person I'm insulting. With Facter, for example, I gave him numerous chances to simply explain why the newsgroups were truly taken down. He didn't catch on. Only after continually insulting him and dragging it out into this long thread did the reason finally come out of his stubborn ass--and it's still kind of vague, but enough to shut me up about bugging him about it. But, no, he wanted to play the runaround game instead and now get ME banned from the newsgroups because of HIS incompetence--that's rich.

> where all the people around him throw flower petals at his feet and kiss up
> to him. Sorry, but the real world don't work that way.
> Nor does it work for everyone to accept your box and throw petals at your
> feet:)

If asking for a SIMPLE explanation about something is asking to be worshipped, you have another severe distorted understanding, Moria.

> it also includes all the idiotic kids who post about their lame
> "organizations"/groups/gangs/clicques/whatever else they're trying to do to
> find identity; newbies who obnoxiously quote entire threads and sigs when
> replying, or who repeatedly post in HTML (combined with the former can make
> for some big message sizes), or who attach files; etc, etc, etc.
> Hey, I agree, theres always problems, but it can be dealt with by
> discussion, and discussion is two sided. Resorting to name calling etc etc
> is not discussion, its the old I'm right your wrong if you cant accept that
> F off.... and as everyone says about your posts, if you dont like them and
> censorship is your thing. filter them and cut the thread short:)

I usally DO end up filtering the most persistent, idiotic twits who just don't get it, Moria. But I won't usually filter initially without responding. <shrug>

> things.
> Not true:) AW is still very much alive, if it wasnt you wouldnt be here,
> its only cause you have an audience you remain. If it had died you wouldnt
> be posting, youd find somewhere else to go:) You being here is proof it
> hasn't died:)

GEE YOU'RE QUICK SPORT. This doesn't even deserve any more of a response from me.

> company, and AW. Just look at how Facter is taking's quite pathetic.
> Nope, they have better things to do that be insulted all the time. Most
> people who have a common decency approach have no problem talking to the
> company.. but at the end of the day when you start posts with hey you
> incompetant f**k did you know that you cant program?? then you'll tend to
> be ignored.

Then AWCI could simply filter me in THEIR newsreaders. But, no, instead they would rather simply not deal with their users (I'm hardly the only one who complains about AWCI's ineptness--it's being exampled right now from you and Facter).

> many
> world crime and locked up". That's classic, Moria. I suppose I'll next be
> likened to, oh, perhaps Satan or Hitler? Zeig heil! <stomp> Give me a
> fucking break.
> Eep, I didn't mean to make that analogy that seriously (actually on
> rereading it, I accept I did but it wasnt intended as seriously as you
> interpreted it), but if you push me down that road I could so much more
> easily:) Don't forget, many famous names started in terrorism, of one sort
> or another, and made a name for themselves by racist or biggoted attitudes.
> At the end of the day they were famous, but for all the wrong reasons, and
> they never won:) Your stated aim is to improve AW by whatever means.. I
> can't disagree with the improve AW bit, but there are other ways, dont get
> remembered for the wrong reasons:))


> for
> in
> is
> The community that exists and you prove exists by being here attacking it..
> being here is not the problem, constantly attacking anyone who wants to be
> part of a community is a big problem:)

I attack those who don't add to the community in any meaningful way to me. <shrug>

> here
> no not by Facter, by your interpretation of the online school playground
> Bully:)

And your abuse of smileys? Wee...

how incompetent can AWCI get? god damn...

Feb 8, 2001, 10:07pm
Moria thinks when I insult people because they don't know English very well it's considering "racism". He has many distorted definitions...

[View Quote] > When has Eep EVER been racist? Never; at least not while I've been around.
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Facter, an immediate website request :)

Feb 14, 2001, 9:20am
Jbell, you don't seem to look at AW's help very much or you would already be aware of prelighting, introduced in AW3, which can make objects "light up".

[View Quote] > I think he means that they can reflect light :).
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First impressions

Feb 14, 2001, 9:17am
[View Quote] > After updating to 3.1, I noticed only one obvious problem which after a
> quick exchange of telegrams Roland informed me that it was supposed to be
> like that. The object movement commands are very well done,

They are? Perhaps if they were consistent I could agree, but to me the commands are implemented half-assedly, as usual. Where is the wait option for rotate? Where is the INSTANT rotate and move--and indefinite waiting (i.e. infinite)? Where is the separate light direction position that doesn't require rotating the object the light is attached to? If only Roland and Shamus would have talked to me earlier about this design implementation perhaps these things would have been done RIGHT the FIRST time, but as it is now it's yet more partially implemented features. Typical.

> and the lighting is amazing. Performance in terms of framerate is amazingly improved over 3.0
> on my primary video card.

What video card is that? If anything performance is WORSE than AW3 because of the multiple lights. Seems like AW is trying to calculate light shading out beyond a light's radius, which is why frame rate rapidly decreases with higher visibilities and more lights in the scene (not just in-view).

What Do You Call the Universes Collectively?

Feb 20, 2001, 11:13am
Again, numerical limits; "omniverse" is ALL universes. In case you couldn't tell, I was being silly about the "megaverse" bit...

[View Quote] > Megaverse?
> Gigaverse?
> Teraverse?
> Petaverse?
> Exaverse?
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What Do You Call the Universes Collectively?

Feb 20, 2001, 1:32pm

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