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VB5 and SDK.... How to combine them?

Oct 20, 1998, 11:11pm
I am a beginning VB5 programmer, and i have heard you can use the SDK and
vb5 together, although limited.... if anyone can help me do this... P.S.
right now im making a robobuilder type of thing, where i can tell it to go
to a certain spot in a world and place a seed object.... i know bots can but
i'd like to be able to in VB5

Aw SDK for VB..Its almost here!

Dec 1, 1998, 10:47pm
I'd LOVE to help test it. I've been looking for a better way to use the SDK
w/ VB5

hopefully it'll work :)

--cybkat in Aw

Spy WB's Bot Department

Dec 3, 1998, 12:22am
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He just found a PS

[View Quote] Spy Has a SDK/HamBot/Etc Bot Department used to patrol =
worlds.We currently have only three members of the Bot department but we =
need more!!!!The url is=20
Spy WorldBuilders Offer:=20
All Avatars On Request=20
All Objects On Request=20
Reasonable Pricing=20
*Trial* worlds(ie:Sample)=20
Bot Scripts=20
Monitering(Ie:We Moniter the world for Spammers Vandals =
Spy WorldBuilders Asks:=20
That We Be allowed to have (and keep) =

**Spy Reserves the right to decline any application for any =
Telegram FastWalker2 Or Email Fast2 at Bellsouth.net=20
for details.=20
Spy Logo,Fast's Avatar Bar,The Alliance,Etc (c) 1998 By Fast.=20

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<DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2>He just found a PS</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=3D#000000 size=3D2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
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