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jeff d ikeler (cit# 302609) // User Search

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Aug 18, 1999, 4:39pm
Guys, Guys... Get a chat goin' or somethin'... we don't wanna hear you two
squabble... it took me like 5 mins each to d/l your messages and I didn't
find pleasure in seeing you two go at it... I can speak for almost everybody


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Mix your MP3 like a DJ!!

Aug 18, 1999, 4:25pm
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Hey man, I read it!!! Hehe
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having a default midi in a world

Aug 18, 1999, 4:22pm
There is a way to loop MIDIs and WAVs already tho... Create sound loops...
create noise doesn't. Take that into consideration!!

Also: Next time before saying there isn't go to AWSchool or AWNewbie and see
if there is... THANK YOU!

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Why the bot bans? I mean come on!!

Aug 16, 1999, 4:19pm
ok, get this... why is Seedbot a banned robot? I mean I use it all the time,
because I build on the far corners of the map peoples!! I could see why
Buildbot would be banned and all but why Robobuilder? You could allow it but
only let it cover a certain area... SOME bots are annoying, like one a buddy
of mine made that raped you anytime it heard you say the letter 'A'. that's
anoying, but what is so bad about bots?

Could anybody help me out here?

---------------------------------An insert from Jeff's tport
McDonalds: The real thing 17500N
17500W 45 0.0A
AW Community Park Center 17500N 17500W
135 0.0A
Memories of the ages: Under construction 9876N 9876W 0 0.0A
Jeff's Teleport Station: Under construction 2750N 2750W 0 0.0A

!A building revolution (This is a bout a problem we all have enentually, no matter how patient)

Aug 16, 1999, 5:35pm
Ok, take this scenereo and pretend like it's happening to you.

So have you ever considered yourself a builder, worthy of a place without
lag from other people's buildings? Trust me, I know that feeling!

Ok, so my friend CG, we'll call him/her that for fear or being reported,
builds a grand house with her friend OK, we'll call him/her that for the
same reason, now they tell me where it is and I go there. All of the sudden
on a 56K connection and a brand new computer, I am almost LAGGED TO THE

This has happened to many many people, they hate having their visitors
be lagged to the point where it is no fun to look at. Some one day look
around their place and notice that all the stuff around them has a different
theme or it just plain sucks. It happens to all of us, no matter how patient
we are. So we go in search of a better place to build. Some of us find
another place to build, just like our old place, thinking it will be better,
then but have the same fealings about their new surroundings and leave. It's
ok if you LIKE to do that, but please clean up your stuff before you leave
so others can use the space.

But MOST of us want to be away from it all, alone. So we usually go in
search of a place with easy to remember coordinates, because as we all
know, having to check back with your AW browser when telling a freind the
cords is NO FUN AT ALL. Unfortunately, most of the out of the way, places
with easy to remember cords are already taken, either by some stupid expired
citizen (NACs), porn houses, or its just unbuilt land, take by somebody,
such a Lil Bear (cit#225) with his line of crummy grass, which, in fact goes
halfway acrossed AW. So why should we put up with porn houses or this near
vandalism stuff? We shouldn't!!

Do this: go to and ask them to remover the stuff! If
it's not crud then you're out of luck.... just keep searching for that
perfect place until you find it. When you find a perfect place do this: go
to 2750N 2750W, 17500N 17500W, or 9876s 9876w and see what the GOOD
buildings in AW are on easy to remember cords. (BTW... all three of those
places are built onto by ME)... because, of the same reason we left in the
first place, NOBODY LIKES JUNK. Plan it out before you build it, and always
add-on to it. If nobody ever goes to it, delete it. Same goes if it's been
there forever and you don't like it.

Well if after a while of searching you cannot find a good place to park your
new house, just contact me, Jeff D Ikeler, cit#302609 OR for the tourists
you can reach me at jd at because I will find you a
generous sized place. THNAK YOU!!!

!A building revolution (This is a bout a problem we all have enentually, no matter how patient)

Aug 18, 1999, 4:41pm
Yes, Noodle, WE are... you aren't when you take up everyone's time with that
mooooo crap... so please STOP MOOING

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