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Censor-bot NO! User-configurable filter YES!

Mar 14, 1999, 11:12pm
Agreed grover.......the following is a letter i sent to COF

In reference to the botz at GZ's and general freedom of choice.
I have not been a citizen long...but because i am and payed for the
privilage, i expect COF to at least acknowledge my points. It is
understandable that ppl and children should be protected from offensive
language or harrassment....however, the way this is accomplished is very
important, so as not to infringe upon peoples freedoms. The botz are a
failed proposition....they do not hinder people from being abusive or
foul at all....once people discover how to bypass the simple bot logic.
I propose that it is the responsibility of the individual, or guardian
thereof, to choose what is proper for them.....not for an outside source
to dictate this. I've already mentioned to some...the possibilty of a
filter on the browser, that the user can configure at home to adjust to
his/her satisfaction. This leaves the decision to the consumer and not
the corporation. I think this is far and away superior to the idea of a
For the record, i pride myself on not cursing in public....i
never did
up until the botz arrived.....and then i did it for principal.
MY first ejection came at the handz of a bot.....and my next dozen or
so....because i felt it was a slap in the face for some bot to dictate
to me what i can responsibly do for myself.....and any who does know me
for the short time ive been here know what kind of person i am (i.e.
responsible and courteous). I am not writing this letter to be a pain in
the ass like some ive noticed in these worlds....but to state a
principal that is very important to me....freedom of choice. I am trying
to be constructivly critical..so changes are made for the better.....not
to cause problems.


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